The SOCOM Gear’s Barrett M82, also known as the M107, is making a 1:1 scale, fully-licensed, airsoft debut courtesy of Socom Gear. It will not disappoint, with the external parts being made out of the same ones that can be found on the real steel. Not only will it feel real, it will also look great with the licensing from Barrett, giving it beautifully accurate details. Weighing at over 10Kg (exact weight to be published by Socom Gear shortly), it comes with a 650mm 6.01mm tight bore Madbull barrel for high accuracy and power.

The real M107 in action: See video below

This Socom Gear is the latest M107 version with full Barrett license. The real one weighs in at a hefty 12.9kg (empty) and this AEG version comes in slightly lighter, although still a heavyweight nonetheless with a total weight of 10kg (just the gun itself). Please note that the Bipod is not included with the gun and is sold separately. Optional accessories will also be available over time, including bipod, buttstock mono-pod, and short external barrel.

Estimated Price: US$750.00

Full Review and Pre-Order at RedWolf Airsoft

Marushin KAR98 Sporter

This is a “kick-ass” rifle from Marushin — The KAR98 Sporter. With its realistic shell ejecting mechanism, this gas operated rifle is even better than the Tanaka or STAR Rifles. With its 600mm (~24″) barrel it would be a sniper rifle by today’s standards. According the RedWolf Airsoft Reviews, the ammo can be loaded into the magazine of the rifle one by one, or with the help of a clip if you’re in a hurry and need the convenience. One gas charge is enough for dozens and dozens of shots, so you’ll be reloading the rifle quite a few times before you have to wake up from the immersion in the game, and grab the gas bottle. Quite impressive. See full review.

The scope mount blocks the stripper clip, but the large shells are easy to handle even when separated.

The scope mount blocks the stripper clip, but the large shells are easy to handle even when separated.

Classic Army AR10 (Updated)

Another future release from Classic Army, CA AR10.

CA AR-10

STAR M14 EBR’s (Enhance Battle Rifle)

STAR Airsoft released its version of the M14EBR series The EBR Sopmod M14 (830-980mm), EBR M14 Solid Stock (1115mm), EBR M14 Retractable Stock (885-973mm) and EBR M14 Folding Stock (727-998mm), which uses a nylon fiber aluminum alloy CNC body and can carry a 9.6 1700mah battery. It has realistic markings and a 180 rounds magazine. This weapon weighs around 4,100 g’s or around 10lbs.

Real Sword (RS) Type 97 AEG

RS International Industry Hong Kong Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing airsoft guns under the brand RS/Real Sword. RealSword specially designed airsoft guns faithfully reproduces the exterior design,structure and scale of the original product. In 2007, RS obtained exclusive authorization from relevant organizations to introduce the “ RS 2007, Year of China Airsoft ” product series. All products maintain the features and style creating more realistic and perfect wargame pleasure.






The L1A1 SLR (Self Loading Rifle) is the British version of the FN FAL (Fusil Automatique Leger) – Light Automatic Rifle, one of the most famous and widespread military rifle designs of the late 20th century. Developed by the Belgian Fabrique Nationale Company (FN), it was used by some 70 or more countries, and was manufactured in at least 10 countries. The FAL type rifle is no longer in front line service in the developed world, but is still in use in poorer parts of the world.

Below is STAR Airsoft’s version of the British L1A1 Assault Rifle.



ICS high-end M4a1 automatic electric gun (AEG) is a top of line training rifle. Medal body construction, made very durable for police, military, swat training. ICS M4a1 is an innovative and sturdy AEG that is more training weapon than recreational toy. Refined fit and finish, with reliability that rivals expensive Japanese counterparts. Very user friendly and delivers solid performance with flexibility for power upgrades. Feature for feature, the ICS M4 exceeds the Tokyo Marui M4 in value for money.


The ICS M4A1 gearbox is constructed by two parts – upper gearbox and lower gearbox (below pic). The entire top cylinder and piston assembly is separate from the gear and motor section, this revolutionary modular design help users to exchange the suitable modular easily in a skirmish and do the accurate maintain or repair. Modular piston assemblies increase the convenient of upgrade the firepower in a skirmish. hmmm.. my next gun! =)


M4A1 Carbine Air Electric Gun

Model : M4A1 Retractable stock weight : 2950 g
Length : 778/873 retracted/extended initial
Velocity : 100 m/s
Firing Rate : 805 BB/second
Barrel Length : 363 mm
Caliber : 6mm B.B bullet
Bullet : 450 round
Motor : ICS Turbo 3000
Price Estimate: $ 300.00 – 320.00