ACES Force Recon Airsoft (FRAG), Portugal

Our Brothers In Arms, ACES Force Recon Airsoft Group from Estarreja, Portugal.

For more info please visit ACES Force Recon Airsoft Group Website.

FRAG Dublin, Ireland

Our Brothers In Arms. A glimpse of Force Recon Airsoft Group (FRAG) Dublin, Ireland. More photos to follow.

FRAG at The Orchard

Force Recon Airsoft played at The Orchard today, Sunday. Check some of the pics. More to follow.


Frag Members

Jetlord Kills


Photos by CINCFRAG.

“Open-Chrono” Battle, FRAG vs CAG II

FRAG and CAG met the second time around at Camp Lauriel yesterday May 25. Now without chrono limit. Most AEG’s used during the game chronod around 460-520fps. Here are some pics.



Cincfrag's Goggles

Lauriel, Carlo and Marshall DaveFRAG and CAG joint forcesFRAG and CAG MembersArmi with CAG member
Photos by CINCFRAG.