How To Enlist


If you wish to participate as a guest in an Force Recon Airsoft Group operation, you must have a current member to sponsor you. This means the sponsor will fight side-by-side with you at the operation and show you the ropes of re-enactment.

If you do not personally know any member of Force Recon, you may contact F.R.A.G. Command (FRAGCOM) and request an interview. After your initial interview, if FRAGCOM decides that you might be a Force Recon material, your F.R.A.G. sponsor will be invited to the next operations.

Once you have participated in F.R.A.G operations and got to know a few of the senior officers , you will be nominated for deliberation to be a Recruit . After this nomination you are expected to attend one F.R.A.G. operation. Your rank automatically is upgraded to Apprentice. This will give you a chance to get to know the other members, and will allow others and the officers to see if you have what it takes to join the organization.

During this probationary period, you will be assigned to a squad along with your sponsor. After you have participated in an operation and recommended for approval by the officers (through VOTING), you will be nominated to Regular Membership

All honorable Force Recon will stand ready and at your service to work with you before each operation should you need assistance or advice with gear or other equipment.

You may download the FRAG-CDO application form at this link, and email it back to us for review. We will call you as soon as you qualified our membership requirements.

For more inquiries please call: 09163979272 (Thunder)Email Us:

17 Responses

  1. hi fragcdo, been finding this site for a month and finally i found it!

    interesado au ko muapil ani airsoft, pwo mahal keu ang mga equipments.. any suggestions?

    xlinkz tah

    thanks frag – cdo

    hi, you may check “How to Enlist” menu for membership application

    • i challenge f.r.a.g u guys arent even that good probably but i would challenge u guys but i dont kno who u are so owell

  2. sir, pwede mag observe sa inyong dula? beginner pa ko… gusto ko mag apil sa inyong group..

    Yes you may, we welcome visitors who wants to observe..

  3. where is your weekend gamesite?

    Apovel, just between apovel subdivision main entrance and DPWH main road.

  4. tnx sir. can i join a weekend game even if im not a member yet?

    yes you may, but we require guests to wear full battle gear(no shirt or shorts) and face protection.

  5. how old do you have to be to enlist?

    21 years old for Frag-CDO

  6. Sir,ask ko lang kung pwde,ba ko magparegister ng AEG sa Dec,kc aalis nako ngaun,wala na ko time,even I already bought a unit,seaman kc ako T.Q. Sir,

    You may, as long as you do not carry/display that aeg outside your residence.

  7. ahoy sir !i was just wonderin if i could join the org. even if i am not in the you guys have an international branches?im in the u.s.

    We don’t have any branches in the US as of today. Maybe soon.

  8. i want to join what is the age limit?

    Sorry we’re from Cagayan de Oro. Just search for any airsoft clubs in Manila.

  9. Hello
    im a graduated member of the ACES, the portuguese airsoft club, reenacting US Marine Corps.
    We were contacted by a member of your group, and we are very interested in a cooperation with your group.
    in this way im asking permition to regist in you site and by a menber in your forum
    Best regards
    Emanuel – AKA ((Red-Line))

    “Sempre Fidelis”

    hi, you can register in our blog anytime. Pls use your current email ( so our moderator can approve and accept you in our forums. You can email us also at or

  10. Hi Sirs,

    I am a member of ASTAG-Stalker airsoft team in Manila. Recently, I moved here in CDO due to changes in work assignment. Can I possibly join your team FRAG-CDO and so I can join your games?

    Please advise.
    Thanks a lot and more power.


    Pls download application form from FRAG Website and re-submit through email. Thanks

  11. pls.moderator approve me so i can join your b log room.thanks.
    masa!!!! AHU….AHU…..

  12. sir meron bang FRAG dito sa dubai gusto ko sanang mag pa member dito

    Sir, we dont have FRAG in Dubai, sorry. We though have one in Ireland and Portugal.

  13. sir, iwant to join frag ireland , paano po ba mag apply?

    Hi, please contact Lito Correos of FRAG Ireland at Goodluck

  14. hi sir, im interested in joining FRAG but i still dont have any equipments. where can i buy cheaper and not too expensive equipments and guns here in cdo? any suggestions? pls rply… thanks a lot.

    please submit your application and we’ll show you how and where to buy the equipments. =)

  15. sir.

    do you have any groups in Cubao quezon city area where i can join or observe.

    Sorry, we don’t have

  16. gudpm. hi im planning 2 buy a unit in cdo. can i stil join ur grup evn f i get a unit dat s not so high-end? do u prescribe a particular brand of airsofts? can a get a gud unit w/ a budget range of P4K-7K?

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