FN SCAR EGLM Stand Alone – Tan & BK

New from STAR Airsoft, the FN SCAR EGLM Stand Alone Assault Rifle.

Net Weight: 2.68kg
Material: Nylon Fiber + Steel

Fire Mode:

Semi Auto / Safe
Length: 518 / 642 / 670mm
System: – Adjustable Sighting.
Description: – Fit All Type 40mm Grenade.
– Grenade Is Side Loading. (Easy To Load In)
Retail Price: USD 340.00

M14 Sopmod New Version

Star Airsoft Accessories new M14 Sopmod. This beauty packs the following features:

– Length: 830 ~ 980
– Material: Aluminum Alloy + CNC Body
– Battery: Can Hold 9.6v 1700mAh
– Realistic Marking

By clicking on the photo above, you will appreciate the beauty and details of this gun.

SCAR EGLM Series Gallery by STAR Accessories

STAR Accessories latest series of FN SCAR. Click photo to enlarge.


The L1A1 SLR (Self Loading Rifle) is the British version of the FN FAL (Fusil Automatique Leger) – Light Automatic Rifle, one of the most famous and widespread military rifle designs of the late 20th century. Developed by the Belgian Fabrique Nationale Company (FN), it was used by some 70 or more countries, and was manufactured in at least 10 countries. The FAL type rifle is no longer in front line service in the developed world, but is still in use in poorer parts of the world.

Below is STAR Airsoft’s version of the British L1A1 Assault Rifle.


STAR FN SCAR LB Deluxe Version

One of the new releases of STAR Airsoft is the FN SCAR LB Deluxe Version.




Material: Nylon Fiber + Aluminum Alloy + Steel
Fire Mode: Full Auto / Semi Auto / Safe
Magazine: 140rds
Length: 630/823-~ 875mm in 6 Step (Stock Extended)
Battery: Mini Type Battery
Hop up: Adjustable
– Bolt Locking & Functional Bolt Catch.
– Adjustable Cheek Piece 51 – 68mm.
– QDB System Can Change In / Out Barrel Within 5 Second.
– Quick Change In / Out EGLM Within 5 Second.
– Build in 1700mAh 9.6v Battery No Wire No Socket.
Motor: High Torque Flat Motor

– CNC Upper Receiver, Nylon Fiber Housing.
– Steel Trigger.
– Can Hold All Type 40mm Grenade.
– Grenade is Side Loading. (Easy To Load In)


This is one heavy duty AEG!! It has lots of metal parts bringing it to a hefty 9.5 lbs. The AFV version is the most compact variant of the STAR L85A2 family. It fires at 350 FPS out of the box! The L85A2 AFV includes a 4X full metal Susat Scope and forward grip. This one has the weight and feel of the real thing!aeg_07_1_l.jpgaeg_07_2.jpg

Star AW .338 Sniper Rifle

Most Detailed AW Super Magnum replica in the world, Gas Powered, its gas system is something like a improved Tanaka System. POWERFUL!! Manufacturer stated power: 350 ~ 380fps (134A & 0.2g BB) M3 Replica Scope (shown in photo), Scope Mount and Bipod included.saa-aw338-l.jpg