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Tokyo Marui AK74MN



The real AK74MN fires by the gun powder explosion loaded into the cartridge to lead the bolt action by the flue gas. During this action, tremendous strong recoil occurs. So the most important matter to reproduce this model was, how can this mechanism and the recoil shock, can be revived in the electric airsoft guns? This was the most complicated question for the development team in Tokyo Marui. With several trials and errors during developing process, finally the “shoot and recoil engine” was completed. An intense interlocking bolt action during firing operation, and because of the never experienced strong recoil shock, firing in full auto will make the shooter hard to aim and group fire with just an easy grip. This model selects the shooter if he is ready for the “real one” and a one rank upper electric model gun for all airsoft gun maniacs.

For the new mechanism and material and the precise details, this model will be proudly known as the “Best of AK47”. With the same materials and the structure as the real arm, this model dangers the existence, of all the airsoft models that were recently made. Tokyo Marui has used all of their passion and technology to develop this new generation electric airsoft gun.


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Classic Army “Year-End” Releases

Just in time for the holidays, Classic Army released four (4) new AEGS. CA25 URX Special Forces, CA25 URX Entry Carbine, M15A4 SOCOM, SA58 Rifle.



Piper’s .50 Caliber Machine Gun



X-Caliber Tactical is proud to reveal the Piper’s Precision Products Airsoft M2 HB Heavy Machine Gun to the general public. Paul Piper of Piper’s Precision Products AKA P3, the creator behind the Strafer airsoft/airguns and Vulcan miniguns, has developed this wonderful replica and functional 8mm airsoft full automatic gas operated machine gun to fill a missing role in airsoft military simulation gaming – the heavy support weapon.

The M2 relies on a tired and tested external gas system that can be CO2 or High Pressure Air or an Air Compressor (150 PSI, CFM 20-25 is likely to be the recommended for optimal performance). The M2 HB has an adjustable cyclic rate of between 100-600 RPM through the use of inline flow control and is capable of firing between 200 – 500 FPS. It utilizes a highly efficient sealed valve system which only uses gas when the weapon actually fires, so there is no loss of gas pressure like in some traditional gas blowback airsoft products which sometimes utilizes gas to operate bolts or slides. In fact, the M2 R&D prototype has been field tested at 450 FPS using .45g 8mm airsoft BBs in conjunction with a 5lb CO2 bottle and reliably cycled over 5,000-rounds without expending the entire CO2 contents.

The M2 HB has a DB Customs™ 8mm Tightbore barrel for impressive range and accuracy and features an adjustable hop-up that allows for fine tuning of the groupings of various weight 8mm BBs for various ranges and velocities. The prototype has been tested currently to ranges as far as 80 yards with flat trajectory impacts, but further testing is needed before the maximum range is known.

Piper’s Precision Products M2 HB .50 caliber Airsoft firing 8mm plastic BB’s at 600 rpm

Just Another Sunday II – “Bloodbath”

Watch “Stricken” by Disturbed Music Video HERE


How to Run a Small Airsoft Team Efficiently

Make sure that everyone in the squad is familiar with the tactics that the team leader plans to use.

Small airsoft teams can work very well, but it is important to remember priorities and what is essential.

  • The two elements should be approximately equal in terms of the players’ skill and weapons. Each should have one leader. The two should ideally be equipped with radios. Out of the squad leaders, one is also the team leader.
  • Everyone on a four man team should be a rifleman. There is no need for more advanced roles.
  • Instead of having one man do scout or recon work, the entire team should move. Recon elements are only necessary for large teams.
  • Support gunners are not necessary. When one squad is supposed to give suppressing fire, both team members should do this.
  • With so few players, any “sniper” should stay with the squad to act as a rifleman. Designated marksman are also not necessary with such a small team. Once a rifleman cannot make a shot, he can simply tell another who is capable to do so.

Don’t overcomplicate. It is often their first instinct to start assigning roles like sniper, spotter, recon, special ops, demolition, point man, CQB specialist, support gunner, designated marksman, communications expert, etc. However, this is not an effective way to run a team.

Don’t simplify too much. Having a team with no organization means that the team will not be following a coherent plan once fighting breaks out.

Set up a small team with two main elements. That way, tactics such as leapfrogging, flanking, etc. can be used effectively. With only one group, the leader will have to designate certain players to do a certain thing each time he wants to employ a tactic. This would take up too much time during a firefight. With more than two teams, each unit will be too small to be effective. Only two groups are needed for most basic tactics.

When a skirmish does not go well, the team should ask themselves what went wrong. This could be from lack of training in tactics, teamwork, marksmanship, or not having the proper weapons or equipment.

Have practices to work on the skills listed in the point above. Work on marksmanship by having competitions between team members. Practice employing tactics while firing on some targets.

Make sure that everyone in the squad is familiar with the tactics that the team leader plans to use. If there are any manuals, books, magazines, videos, etc that the team leader learned the tactics from, the entire team should watch or read them.