The SOCOM Gear’s Barrett M82, also known as the M107, is making a 1:1 scale, fully-licensed, airsoft debut courtesy of Socom Gear. It will not disappoint, with the external parts being made out of the same ones that can be found on the real steel. Not only will it feel real, it will also look great with the licensing from Barrett, giving it beautifully accurate details. Weighing at over 10Kg (exact weight to be published by Socom Gear shortly), it comes with a 650mm 6.01mm tight bore Madbull barrel for high accuracy and power.

The real M107 in action: See video below

This Socom Gear is the latest M107 version with full Barrett license. The real one weighs in at a hefty 12.9kg (empty) and this AEG version comes in slightly lighter, although still a heavyweight nonetheless with a total weight of 10kg (just the gun itself). Please note that the Bipod is not included with the gun and is sold separately. Optional accessories will also be available over time, including bipod, buttstock mono-pod, and short external barrel.

Estimated Price: US$750.00

Full Review and Pre-Order at RedWolf Airsoft

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