Back at the Orchard

The Orchard

The Orchard

Battle at the Orchard
We’re finally back at the Orchard after weeks of monsoon rains.

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King Arms Galil SAR

King Arms Galil SAR

King Arms Galil SAR

King Arms will release this month their latest AEG with Blowback capability. The new King Arms Galil SAR boast with the following features.

1. Special designed Bolt Carrier Operating Mechanism to simulate a real firearm blowback action.
2. It has a special battery cylinder that can store AK type battery up to 1400mah 12V.
3. Retract or extend the side folding stock by pushing the stock downward and then swing to the right side of the AEG.
4. Realistic Steel Dummy Selector
5. The front and rear sights can be flipped up or down for better aiming in dark environment.
6. Nylon Fiber handguard
7. 7mm bearing bushings

Note: No info on price yet.

The New King Arms Galil will come out with four different designs and accessories. See photo below

Other designs for King Arms Galil and Accessories

Other designs for King Arms Galil and Accessories

For more information visit King Arms website

FRAG Wallpaper

Here’s a treat to all members and friends, a wallpaper courtesy of FRAG-CDO. Click on image to enlarge.

FRAG Wallpaper by Cincfrag

Model: Maffy / Photo by Cincfrag

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Download 1024×768
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FRAG In Review

Just some clips from almost 12months of existence.

Thanks to Teddy and AdTronix Digital Video
for the “Experience the Real Thing” video clips.

FRAG Dublin Update

Latest photos from Force Recon Airsoft Group – Dublin. On August 23, 2008, the Philippine Consul in Ireland will make a visit to recognize the group as well as other Irish Airsoft shops and friends. FRAG Dublin is now one of the biggest airsoft organization throughout Ireland with more than 100 members at present.

FRAG Dublin
FRAG Dublin

Both Elephant (BE) Japanese Type 89 with 3-rd Burst

The BE Type 89 with the 3-round burst feature is now becoming a hit in Hong Kong, and retailers have been stacking up their shelves for this new aeg. The BE Japanese Type 89 is with metal body, rubberized furnitures and detachable bipod. Gearbox of safe, semi, 3-rd burst (and it feels very solid !!) and full-auto firing capacity comes with battery and battery charger. This cost around US$100.

Both-Elephant Japanese Type 89 with 3-rd burst (T89)

'Both-Elephant' Japanese Type 89 with 3-rd burst (T89)

BE Type 89 Metal Body

BE Type 89 Metal Body

Marushin KAR98 Sporter

This is a “kick-ass” rifle from Marushin — The KAR98 Sporter. With its realistic shell ejecting mechanism, this gas operated rifle is even better than the Tanaka or STAR Rifles. With its 600mm (~24″) barrel it would be a sniper rifle by today’s standards. According the RedWolf Airsoft Reviews, the ammo can be loaded into the magazine of the rifle one by one, or with the help of a clip if you’re in a hurry and need the convenience. One gas charge is enough for dozens and dozens of shots, so you’ll be reloading the rifle quite a few times before you have to wake up from the immersion in the game, and grab the gas bottle. Quite impressive. See full review.

The scope mount blocks the stripper clip, but the large shells are easy to handle even when separated.

The scope mount blocks the stripper clip, but the large shells are easy to handle even when separated.

Tokyo Marui M.E.U. Pistol (1911)

The new Tokyo Marui M.E.U Pistol which comes out with a new stunning grip, trigger and novak grips can now be pre-ordered at Redwolf Airsoft.

Tokyo Marui M.E.U. Pistol (1911)

Tokyo Marui M.E.U. Pistol (1911)