2008 Jing Gong M4 AEGs

UPDATED: Jing Jong recently released its 2008  “All-Metal” version of the M4A1. Please check HERE.

These items has been upgraded to 410-430 fps (personally tested this item using 11.1v lipoly battery @ exactly 410fps – stock), one-piece barrel and has a black gearbox. See photo below. (call 09225479078 – Flash)




JG M4 S-System

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  1. i lav my m4a1 out of the box 444 fps…. i lav it!!!

  2. I had a m4a1 but the problem is my piston body easily worn out bad for me and the stock motor has not have a silver magnet unlike in hk models.

    hmmm..try the Deep Fire “Titanium” Piston. It worked for me.

  3. just had my m4cqb black gear box..havent had a chance to chrono it.whats the advantage og the black one than the old 1.tnx

    The new Jing Gong “blockbox” M4’s comes out with 420-440 fps, one piece outer barrel and with bearing piston head.

  4. how to join ur team im from cdo with m4 cqb but no grop in airsoft ^^ i want to join and play airsoft.


  5. i have the GJ M4 s-system, however after owning (and loving it!) for about 3 months, every time i try to fire it, it doesnt fire for a few trigger pulls then 2 or 3 BBs come out of the barrel at greatly reduced velocity. i take the magazine off and there’s always 1 BB left when i dry fire it. HELP!!!

    Try to bring your aeg to your airsoft gunsmith. Your “hop-up rubber” might be worn out by now and needs to be replace. You may opt to insert a “sector chip” in your “sector gear” to eliminate misfeeds on your aeg.

  6. worn out after 3 months??????????

    That depends monty. Assuming you have a good piston/cylinder compression. We can point out that the problem is within your hop assembly. There are many instances when your hop rubber easily worns out. One problem with china-made AEG’s such as Jing Gong (JG)/A&K etc, their quality is not as good as the Japan or Taiwan made AEG’s (TM/Classic Army/ICS). If you have been playing airsoft 3 or 4 times a week for the past 3 months, your “stock” hop rubber may easily worn out. Try to check your hopup rubber to see if there are cuts around the lip. You may try changing it to Systema or Guarder brands. If you think its not your hopup rubber thats making your aeg misfeed, you may try to insert a sector chip in your sector gear and see if it eliminates the problem. We usually troubleshoot AEG’s by using the process of “elimination”. In that way, we can easily pinpoint the problem.

  7. it appears that, without upgrading the jg m4 system internals, by using lipoly 11.1v it will reach to 410-430 fps, and it will not shortened the life span of the stocks or cause damage on it? is that possible sir?

    The new JG units comes out with “plastic” and not the metal bushings, using lipoly increases the rate of fire (ROF) of the gun and you will be putting increased pressure and strain on your gears. This is why it is imperative to replace your stock gears and bushings with high strength steel gears(optional) and metal bushings.

  8. one thing sir, on your opinion and base on your own experience,if you to uprgade a jg m4 s-stem out of the box that will garnered an 440-460 plus fps,what parts do you suggest to install on it to reach the said rate? the cheaper one,but durable and reliable, i openly appreciate your opinion on this sir and tnx.

    PDI 190 Spring, Guarder Version 2 Spring Guide, Techpro Metal Bushings. Please remember that upgrading your AEG to have higher FPS is like going to the Dark Side of the Force. It is very alluring and sexy and a seemingly easy path to more kills. Upgraded AEG’s require more maintenance, are less reliable and more prone to catastrophic breakages. Often to change one part you need to change 5 others. Once you go down the path of of the Dark Side, the costs increase exponentially. Remember, it’s not the FPS of the AEG but the quality of the player that gets kills. May the Force be with you.

  9. gave it a good boogie (clean) and it started working, played for about an hour last nite, no problems at all! thinking of changing the hop up rubber anyway. cheers for the advice

  10. i bought an M4 Carbine just last week and did alot of test firing lately. Being a newbie to the sport, im scheduled to join my first war game next week, hopefully it will be a weekend thing for me from then on. How long will my JG M4 Carbine last using the stock parts if i normally play on a regular weekly basis? i agree on what you said that it is not the FPS of the AEG that counts but the quality of the player. Do you recommend that i keep my AEG “stock” forever if i have to replace worn out parts eventually?

    Your AEG may last long using stock setup and proper care, but remember that JG do only use plastic bushings which you have to replace in a month or two.

  11. the accuracy of my s-system is a bit… inconsistent…. to say the least. is this just because of the ‘cheap and nastiness’ of JG AEGs or is it something else. and would buying a precision barrel help at all?
    many thanks

    Buying precision barrel would really help the aegs accurancy. Try Prometheus 6.03 Barrel.

  12. Based on the comments and suggestions you made on this forum, can you give me a ball park figure on how much will it cost to upgrade a JG M4 Carbine if ever i decide to do so? eg. metal gears, metal bushing, 11.1V batt, springs??.. will the upgrade amount to more than the actual cost of a stock JG? I bought mine for P4,500. Thank you sir!\

    Est. Upgrade – Metal Bushings P500, Spring guide P900, PDI Spring P700, Lipoly bat P1,800.

  13. roger copy! tnx good buddy!

  14. Im thinking of getting an s-system. What would you say is better the d-boys one, the a&k one or the Jing Gong one?

    To tell you honestly, I was not able to check the new DBOYS AEGs yet. I have tried the JG and A&K S-Sytems and I’m leaning towards the JG (2008 version) on this one.

  15. Ah kl, thanks man i was leaning towards the JG too but the abs body was giving me 2nd thoughts. Il probs get the JG now n jus downgrade the spring, its too hot for uk airsoft sites 😦 lol

  16. Yes, the ABS body… if you want your external to remain stock then JG is for you. But if you want to upgrade to a metal body it will be hard since JG S-System has a Clam Type Upper Reciever which is very hard to find and if you do find some its expensive.

  17. what is the cheap and reliable lipoly battery charger/balancer available in local market?

    Hmmm… i’ve been using the Esky 2-3 cells Lipo Li-Po Battery Charger (7.4v 11.1v)$7-10. So far I have no problems with it

  18. Should i buy the the JG M4A1 just because of its velocity or should i go with the durability of a classic army and buy the sportlne M15 A4?

    Hello Paul. That depends on your choice. The cheaper Chinese made AEG’s are new to the market and do not have the consistency in fit and finish than the older and more expensive Japanese/Taiwanese counterparts. But, this line is constantly becoming fainter between the three as the Chinese continue to better there manufacturing. In my own opinion, I say a “stock” Jing Gong M4A1 is better than the “stock” Classic Army M15A4 Sportline…. BUT, a well “upgraded” CA Sportline M15A4 is better than the “upgraded” JGM4A1.

  19. I am going to purchase this gun with the A&K 5000 round drum and i was wondering what extra battery i should purchase with the gun. i must mention i have no means in spending money on an internal upgrade.

    You gotta use a battery with high “mah”. But you gotta change that “bushings” if you’re gonna use a round drum.

  20. using esky 2-3 cells lipo Li-po Battery Charger (7.4v-11.1v) is it ok even for 1500mah? i really appreciate ur comment sir,tnx

    Yes, it is fine to charge an 11.1v, 1500mah with an esky 2-3 Lipo Battery Charger/Balancer. But please bear in mind that Esky Charges only up to 1000mah. So this means that you will still be able to use your battery but, you will not be able to get the maximum performance of the battery.

  21. well .. i just oredered the jg m4 s system enhanced version from airsoftgi……..u think is a reliable weapon?……in other words, is it good ?

    perfect choice, tiko

  22. may i kow how much JG m4 s system cost in manila and where could i find it…

    Prices now for Jing m4A1 ranges from 5.5k to 6k. You may find some dealers at filairsoft.com

  23. i was given a 9.6v 1100mah battery and i have a jg m4a1..if i use it instead of the stock 8.4v battery will my internals last long? will changing the stock bushings to metal bushings enough?

    Your internals will last long as expected if you use the stock 8.4v battery. Though we recommend later on to change still your plastic bushings to metal

  24. Mate, you seem quite knowledgeable so maybe you can help me. I will be getting some of these 2008 JG M4 as soon as airsoft is legalized in Australia (december 2008) and i want to downgrade the spring in the JG guns to be on par with tokyo marui, about 280-300 FPS.

    I will use a guarder m85 spring, however do you know of any article, document, manual/e-book, or gunsmith forum where i can get a how-to on installing the new downgraded spring? I will be getting about 20 of the JG M4 as i will be opening a small shop and playing field, i need to learn how to be a gunsmith! Thanks mate, have a good one.

    Hello mate, you might wanna check these troubleshooting videos about dismantling and assembling your airsoft gun. Click HERE.

    Here is a link for AEG Spring Comparison

    And an article on how to properly shim your gears

    Hope this helps. Goodluck!

  25. thanks mate, i’ll have a look at those and become a pro gunsmith lol. thanks for your time!

  26. sir.. wr can i find som1 who could engraved serial number on my EAG. kuha kasi ako ng permit dito cdo?

    I don’t have any idea sir, but we plan to have our guns engrave by our own selves.

  27. greetings sir, just wana ask some opinion regarding which is a best buy… talking about over all performance… a JG M4 M733 or an A&K M4 M933? Thanks…

    Check this link http://fragcdo.com/2007/11/23/ak-m933/#comment-324

  28. Hi Airsoft enthusiasts, i bought a second hand stock M4-CQB, its a month old when i bought it.. have a problem regarding misfires and often have slow firing BB’s. ive brought this to a specialist already, he placed a sector chip, and a hop up rubber. still the problem persist. any suggestions that might be helpfull? i would greatly appreciate it.. thank you

    Try to clean your inner barrel with silicon spray. Some similar problems points to a defective magazine, try a different magazine and seal all “air-leaks”. Hope this helps 🙂

  29. Thanks for the Quick response, il check on it as soon as possible.. T.Y.

  30. sir if there is an air leak in the aeg, what is possible parts should be replaced or be repair? thank you sir.

    This is an article from Warthog of Filipino Airsoft, you may want to check this out.

    Warthog: Here is what I normally do — BTW, natutunan ko lang po ito sa mga taga-dito sa FAS at kung saan saan pa —> salamat po sa kanila lahat

    Blow air into the nozzle (the GB must be assembled already not the gun). Dapat mahirap umihip. Kung madali then the o-ring of the piston head is not sealing properly.
    Try the following:
    1) Stretch the o-ring or replace
    2) Remove any grease/oil from the o-ring
    3) assemble then blow again

    Kung feel mo na medyo may leak between nozzle and cylinder head try the following:
    1) remove o-ring from the air seal nozzle
    2) put some teflon tape (PTFE) — manipis lang ha sa groove kung saan nakalagay ang o-ring.
    3) Ibalik mo ulit ang o-ring (just make sure that the teflon tape is not makapal kasi baka matanggal lang ang o-ring
    4) Not necessary pero wala naman mawawala kung gagawin mo ito…lagyan mo ng silicon/sealant kung saan nakalagay ang o-ring tapos pahiran mo ng teflon grease.

    If you feel wala na leak then do the next test:

    1) Insert magazine and then invert gun
    2) Remove magazine –> there should be about 4 BB in the hop-up
    3) Fire gun –> If BBs on top bounce out of the hop-up then there is a possible either in the bop bucking or the nozzle & hop-up combination.

    look into the hop-up where the nozzle enters (mas maganda kung may flashlight). Inspect the hop-up sleeve, dapat bilog na bilog and dulo, kung hindi bilog, ayusing mo sleeve. Kadalasan, meroon leak kapag hindi maganda lapat ne hop-up sleeve kasi hindi nito na-seal ang nozzle pag-pasok.

    Isa pa suggestion, baka baluktot na ang spring ng hop-up mo. Kasi kung hindi maganda lapat nito, baka mag-leak kapag nag-meet na ang GB and hop-up.

    Isa pa pala . Pag-dikitin mo ang hop-up assembly ang GB (simulate kung paano itsura niya kapag nakakabit na sa loob. Hipan mo ang barrel…kapag hindi mahirap umihip may leak between hop-up ang GB nozzle.

    Last na …Kapag nakakabit na lahat (dapat nakapasok ang nozzle sa hop-up ha, ika nga nakarelax ang spring. Kuha flash light tapos ilawan mo kung saan pumapasok BB. Silip ka sa barrel, kapag may nakita ka ilaw kahit konti…may leak ka.

    Sana po makatulong kahit konti ang mga isinulat…

  31. sir..nagsettle na po sa 380 fps ang jg m4a1 ko..balak ko lang pong palitan ng tight barrel, siguro yung 6.03 lang..ilang fps po ang maidadagdag nya?..at isa pa po..di-ne-cock ko yung m4 ko tapos ginawa ko yung ilawan ng flashlight sa pinapasukan ng bb at sinilip ko yung barrel..may ilaw sya eh..it means po ba na may leak aeg ko or may mali akong ginawa(hindi ko kasi alam kung papaano ipasok ang nozzle sa hopup eh..)? maraming salamat..

    adding tight bore barrels may add-up distance to your range (around 10-20ft more). With regards to assembly and disassembly of inner barrel hop-up you may check this video for reference. http://youtube.com/watch?v=qai5sf76z-k


  33. hi sir, I just bought a JG M4A1. About how many years do think it will last if i play a couple times a month and keep the stock internals and etc? Also should I buy a smart charger to help the battery last longer or are they just a waste of money?

    Thanks in advance,

    If you want your JG M4A1 to last long, you may want to change that plastic bushings to metal. I cannot guarantee that your aeg will last a year if you won’t change those bushings. Those stock springs needs to be changed too. After 5-10 games, the gun velocity would degrade by 20-30fps. So I would suggest to upgrade that aeg later on. Smart Chargers are good to your battery especially you are using NiCad, NiMh or Lipolies.

  34. hello. gud pm.

    Im newbie in this sport. what scope can you suggest to my m4 cqbr?

    another thing, what part of my m4 will first worn out and any suggestion for quality and upgraded replacement it?

    You might want to check some EOTECH or ACOG scopes. If you’re using Jing Gong brands, then you may change your plastic bushings to metal.

  35. thanx.. a lot.

  36. i just got the m4 cqb and i dont know how to put the battery in can anyone tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To insert a battery into a m4 cqb, you need to remove the rubber butt plate at the end of the stock, then push on two cheap plastic tabs to remove the back portion of the stock. There is a battery connector in the main tube and tubes to either side to insert the nunchuck shaped battery. Hope this help.

  37. good day sir..which do you think is better? an m4 length tight barrel or a longer tight barrel in which the excess will be hidden inside a suppressor? i have a stock jg m4a1? and last thing, does the jg hk416 have a better spring than the jg m4a1 ver.2? thank you sir..

    Q1: Which do you think is better? an m4 length tight barrel or a longer tight barrel in which the excess will be hidden inside a suppressor? Ans: The longer tight barrel would give you more distance than the standard tight barrel

    Q2: Does the jg hk416 have a better spring than the jg m4a1 ver.2? Ans: Both are the same. But there are some instances the hk416 exceeds the fps power of the m4A1.

  38. i just bought a jg m4 cqb 2008, the box says its 330

    but by itself how far does it really go, and what upgrades should i buy for it and where can i get them.

    Some countries have restriction when it comes to airsoft FPS. Some countries or states in Europe and the US limits their FPS to 360-390 fps only. As for the Philippines, we can go as high as 500 plus fps. If you want to upgrade your AEG, pls check your country’s restriction. You may visit rsov.com for your upgrade needs.

  39. hi mate was just wondering what RIS handguard would fit in the M4A1 ? I recently bought a Dboys RIS handguard kit but it doesnt fit :S

    What brand of M4A1 do you have? Make sure that if you buy external upgrade parts for your AEG it should be of the same brand. Ex. JingGong M4A1 should be installed with JG RIS upgrade.

  40. good day sir..i installed a spring guide with bearing in my jg m4a1 together with a jg hk416 stock spring(it is longer than the jg m4 spring)..after a 600rounds of bb’s..it made a whirring sound and it seems that the piston body’s teeth broke..i opened the gear box and i was right..is there something wrong in the way i assembled my gear box? is there a proper way of aligning the gears when you put them back up? thank you sir..

    You have to shim your gears properly. Check this page.

  41. Hi I just received my JG M4A1. When I shoot the gun the bb’s fly way up and I adjust the hop up correctly and they still fly up. I switched to .25 bb’s and it didnt help much. Please help me. Thanks.

    Check your barrel first if it is clean (Use silicon spray to remove bb residues). Check your hop-up bucking and replace it if there are any damage/cut around the lip. Check also the hop-up spacer (small rubber) if it is properly installed (straight and not side-ways). Hope this helps.

  42. gUBA NA AKOA .oke pa dynamo pro ungot mga gear

  43. can i upgrade the internal parts of my jg m4 s-system using other airsoft brands??, which brands can i use to upgrade it other than jg parts

    You can use systema, guarder, techpro or ca brands as long as it is version 2 parts.

  44. Sir:
    Gud Pm. I am planning to change my bushing to metal bearing however I am not sure whats the size(mm). I would like to solicit your idea f what size, mine is JG M4CQB with version 2 mechbox. Thanks.

    6mm bushings

  45. Thanx sir.

  46. sir i have a query regarding JG M4 S System…is the stock bushing of this unit already a metal bushing???? and what is the best upgrade for it…thanks in advance!!!

    The latest JG M4 S System are with metal bushings. You just have to upgrade the spring guide if you wanna increase its spring.

  47. gud day..would a pdi190 break my stock piston body? what about sp120/m120 or sp130/m130?..thank you..

    I’m using PDI 190 with stock pistons. So far so good. The higher the spring, the higher the risk.

  48. Hi,
    just wondering about the new 2008 JG M4 CQB, is the stock bushing also already a metal bushing ?

    thank you

    The JG M4a1 2008 version has metal bushings. It should be with their CQB.

  49. hello’
    is JG gearbox or other gearbox compatible with ICS m4(the one with modular gearbox)?

    ICS Gearbox are “split-gearbox” therefore not compatible with JG version 2 gearbox.

  50. is JG or other brands of v2 gearbox compatible with an ICS M4 with a modular gearbox(the split type)?

    ICS Gearbox are “split-gearbox” therefore not compatible with JG version 2 gearbox.

  51. which AEG is better to buy, the JG m4a1 or the ICS m4a1 plastic version?

    ICS M4A1 for easy maintenance

  52. Saw at http://www.gunnerairsoft.com and http://www.rsov.com a jg m4a1 carbine with a metal body. is this a new one from jg?>

    Yep..that’s the new release from JG

  53. Gud Pm.

    Is it possible to put 7mm metal bearing instead of 6mm for an jg m4cqbr?

    I guess not

  54. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_166&products_id=3432 on airsoftgi enhanced version, is this the 2008? also i hear comes with metal bushings, metal spring guide and m120 spring?? is this really the 2008 or just like a 2007 upgraded? thanks much for your support

    hmmm.. this is just the enhanced version of Jing Gong..though they’ve upgraded the gun with metal bushings and metal spring with this release, there is a newer one with metal body and with serials. Check this link and look closely at the body. You can see the serial on it.

  55. advise naman po kung ano magandang bilhin na jg M4,i have no idea pa po kasi sa mga advantages at disadvantage ng unit.thanks po sa lahat ng sasagot at mag-aadvise.

    This is the best from Jing Gong so far.

  56. Sir, do you have any idea whats the appropriate lipoly battery for my m4cqbr in terms of mah and voltage.

    Again thank you so much.

    Try to look for “chuck” lipolys but they have less voltage compared to the standard 11.1v 1600mah lipolys.

  57. problem with the JG M4A1. Sirs my JG M4A1 chronoed 413-417 FPS. Now i chronoed it 396-404 lang. What happened? And pwede palakasin

    You may change that spring to PDI 190 to bring it to 445-550 fps. change the bushings to metal if its plastic.

  58. I plan to upgrade my stock spring from MSI120 to PDI190 for my M4-CQBR (2008 ver.) with the presumption that my stock has already metal bushings. That is, everything is stock (incl. the 8.4V 1500mAH NiCd batts) except for the spring. So many veteran airsofters told me this set-up is okay.

    I was planning to have this spring upgrade together with new Li-Po 11.1V batts. but, as of the moment, my budget wont allow me buy the more expensive item (which is the batts obviously).

    Is this step safe? If so, how much FPS can this upgrade add to my existing 380fps?

    And another thing sirs, I’m confused with the spec that my AEG has already a “one-piece tight barrel”. Does this mean i don’t need to put in tight-bore upgrade?

    I will be a happy noobie if you can help me with this. Thanks in advance!

    Using an 8.4 volts 1500mah nicad battery on an upgraded aeg with PDI 190 springs might not crank-up your gears. But this may be possible but your Rate of Fire (ROF) will suffer. I do advice to upgrade that battery to 9.6 volts or higher nicad bat or the 11.1 volts lipoly. Are you using ANPEC or just using the crane stock for your battery? All stock barrels are 6.08mm while tight-bore barrels such as prometheus, jb unicorn averages at 6.0-6.03mm.

  59. I’m using the existing crane stock and already found a way to arrange my NiCd batts so I can slide my stock front and back with ease.

    So, please correct me if i’m wrong, my initial upgrade would be to change spring to PDI190 and use 11.1v LiPo batt. and the rest of my internals are stock of JG M4-CQBR and maybe put in a 6.03mm tight bore? (shezzz, this hobby is getting more expensive by the day…lol)

    I’m still contemplating on using my crane stock to house my new batts. Is this okay? What configuration should my LiPo batteries be e.g. tootsie rolls, chicklets, etc.?

    You made a noobie very happy. Thanks for taking the time to answer my noobie questions.

    Your initial upgrade will do. But if you still have enough budget to change the stock spring guide with a spring guide with bearing (ex. Guarder Ver 2 Spring Guide), this will make your aeg more stable. With regards to lipoly battery, you may use tootsie rolls, chuck or chicklets as long it fits inside the crane stock. A 7.5 volts lipoly will do but this will not be at par with a 11.1v lipoly. Just make sure the lipoly’s discharge rate is 12c to 15c.

  60. Roger on that sir! I’ll take your word for it. And again, thank you very much!

  61. Hi,
    I’m using a M4 S – System and it reaches 400 fps (average). I’m planning to upgrade it to 500 – 550 fps but I’m not sure about the specific parts/accessories to upgrade. can somebody give me a list of parts/accessories that I may need for me to reach 500 – 550 fps?

    Upgrade your spring to PDI 190 or SP 120

  62. One last thing sir, before I leave you alone with my silly questions: Will it be more practical to save my budget for my m4-cqbr upgrade which i think will reach about P5k (PDI 190, LiPo Batt/Charger, 6.03 Tight Bore, Spring Guide w/ Bearing, & labor) and wait it out for the newer JG M4A1 All Metal? It says this new gun packs a punch.

    If so, when will this AEG be here in CDO, and how much will it cost (estimate)? Surfing the net showed this AEG costs about $165, that’s roughly PhP7,500 more or less.

    Come to think of it, if I have this AEG, it’s like having my AEG on hand upgraded at a cheaper cost. Or – shall I stick to my original plan?

    Please comment on this sir. Thank you!

    I’d wait for that All-metal JG M4A1. It’s around 7.5k to 8k.

  63. Boss, planning to Self-UPGRADE my JG M4-CQBr from 400fps or 420fps to 450 fps or more, to be use in JUNGLE Games. Budget 5K.

    And some guide will be useful.

    Thank You.


    Install PDI 190 springs

  64. Sir I need your suggestion. I am a newbie and will buy my first gun. I am considering these two.

    JG M4 CQB-R

    I wan’t a durable mechanism (doesn’t breakdown easily and a less maintenance gun.

    I’m a believer of JG AEGs. So I say JG.

  65. hi mate, just wondering what upgrade should i do first to increase my stock m4’s fps… what should i do first? without the domino effect of upgrades…. change the spring? how much would it cost me? thank you sir

    Most high end AEGs these days are with metal bushings and reinforced gearbox (check your manual) . If you want to increase the fps of your gun, you have to change the current stock spring installed. I would suggest to get any PDI, Guarder, Systema or Techpro springs.

  66. hey! first of all congrats for the site, it really helped me out with sorting my ideas out on a softair rifle, so i was just wondering i wanna get an M4A1 JG, cuz i heard theyre awesome for starting and im a newbie… my intentions would be to use it max 2 times x month cuz the softair area is quite far, so as a stock start up it doesn’t need anything done to it? is it quite precise and a fast shooter? i also heard the stock battery and charger arent that great… is it true? any usefil info id be delighted to know.. thanks again!!

    1. so as a stock start up it doesn’t need anything done to it? Yes, but you need to change the batteries with higher voltage so you will be able to see the full potential power of the gun.
    2. is it quite precise and a fast shooter? It’s average when it comes to precision. You may change the barrel to 6.03mm if you want it more precise. With stock springs, its a fast shooter.
    3. i also heard the stock battery and charger arent that great… is it true? Yes, changing to 11.1v lipoly will definitely increase the Rate of Fire of the gun. Just make sure your lipoly has a discharge rate of 12c-15c only.


  67. gud pm.

    Sir, i would appreciate your suggestion/choice regarding 6mm metal bushing vis a vis ball bearing bushing.

    Personally, I would still recommend using the metal bushings. I have encountered problems with regards to ball bearing bushings such as, one of the ball bearing “cracked” and broked, and the owner of the gun did not noticed it and still used for about a month. Result? broken gear set.

  68. Hi man, best regards from Indonesia here, i got a JG M4 CQB as well, do you have any suggestion how to modify my M4 similar to M4 sniper used in Tears of the Sun movie? is it possible to replace the outer barrel with the longer version? do i have to change the inner barrel as well? Thx man

    Hello from the Philippines =). Yes you may be able to customize your M4 to make it the sniper gun used at the movie Tears of the Sun. All you need is to change it with a longer or rail-type M4 front assembly. Make sure it’s JG manufactured or any JG compatible parts. Why? because some parts of A&K or other brands are not compatible with JG.

    JG CQB has short inner barrel length. If you have change it to a long front assembly (m4a2, m4a1, long rail type assemblies, etc), you need to increase the length of your inner barrel to increase your FPS rate.

  69. Hi, im kinda new with airsoft and i just bought the CQB few days ago. What kinda battery do you suggest for my gun for a better performance and durability? and what should i change or add to it, and about the bushing i bought this resently, so i dont know if mine has the metal bushing or not in it.


    Have your new aeg check by your gunsmith. Check if it has metal bushings on it. An 11.1v lipoly battery will give you better performance as long as your mech box are fully upgraded.

  70. how to install metal bushing m4a1??does the motor affect fps??if i used pdi 190,should i change also the stock motor??what parts will i change if i changed the spring??

    Bring your aeg to your nearest gunsmith. Please don’t open the mechbox if you don’t have any idea. Doing so may damage your aeg.

  71. Hello from Greece. I decide to buy one Jing Gong M4 S-system. By looking to different web sites some of them write about version 2 or version 3 and some others doesn’t write anything. Does really exist all these versions? And what about these web sites that doesn’t write anything about version? It is strange because they don’t write anything about the differences between them. If I buy for eg. the version 3 how I can find if it is the write one?
    So, I am very confused and I would like to have your help and suggestions. Thanks a lot.

    Most M4’s (M4A1’s, 16’s etc) are Version 2 Gearbox. While Ak (Ak47, Akm etc) versions are Version 3.

  72. sir kakabili ko lang ng m4a1 ko pero may prob. bat nde nya ma consume lahat ng bala sa magazine… badtrip kasi nid pa i-slant ung gun para lang kumagat ung mga bala… anu po kaya dapat gawin?

    try changing your magazine, might be defective.

  73. hello thx for awnsering my questions.

    But when you say upgrade the full mechbox, what do i need 4 that. evens tho i live in england and they dont allow FPS obove the 128. evens tho i would like to do both as with the battery.

  74. Hi, I’m currently in the process of purchasing a new airsoft gun and I’ve really been pulled towards buying a JG (more specifically, an M4). My price range first of all is up to around $165, solely for the gun. I’ve been really interested in the JG M4 CQB, everything about it seems great, but it’s also been brought to my attention, that the JG M4 S-system as well as the JG M4A1 are also very good, if not better. I’m having a really hard time choosing between these guns. I’ve been playing for about 4 months now, but never with a top of the line gun as such as one of these. I am aiming to get the most out of my money, and want a gun with high quality, durability, power, accuracy, precision, and etc. I’m basically trying to see which of these guns is overall, the best. If someone could help me out in choosing one of the three, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

    JG M4A1 if you were to ask me. =)

  75. hello ask ko lang kung ang full metal body na JG m4a1 ok ang performance than the old version ng JGm4a1 metal gearbox?
    whats the diffence? and advantage?

    The New JG has an all-metal body while the old JG has plastic. The New has MOSFET while the old has none. MOSFET stands for metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET, MOS-FET, or MOS FET) and is a device used to amplify or switch electronic signals. It is by far the most common field-effect transistor in both digital and analog circuits. It’s purpose in your AEG would be to make your gun run more efficiently, which is why MOSFET systems come standard in high end guns like the Systema PTW.

  76. Hi I am really new to these stuff and I don’t want to waste my money. I hope I could get a very good advice from you people.

    Im confuse wether Im going to buy Cyma AK47 or JG M4A1.
    And if you say JG M4A1 should I buy the All metal or the plastic one? I see the last comment favored ALL METAL, but I’m still confused since the dealer in flairsoft (xpro) advice me to buy the plastic as for beginner.

    What’s the advantage and disadvantage of Cyma AK47 and JG M4A1

    CYMA =)

  77. i had mine loaded with a damaged bb and all of a sudden it made a funny noise.. as i peeked in where the magazine feeds bb to the gun i can see something is broken or craked.. what is the this damaged part of my M4? what is it that i have to replace?

    AEG Rule of Thumb: Do NOT load “used” bb’s on your gun. If the barrel got stuck, try to remove the bb using the cleaning rod. Check your Hop Rubber for any damage.

  78. Does new all metal variant JG aeg have the same internals. ei.: gears, piston w/gear, metal spring guide, metal shims, metal bushing, mosfet, etc.?


  79. when i was shooting on semi the gears stopped working. the manual said to fire some rounds on auto but the auto wont work either. if you can help please e-mail me. cstrunk2@yahoo.com

  80. sir,

    my jg m4a1 ako nabili ko last may, kakacharge ko lng ung bat ko taz hindi ngamit, kinabukasan inilagay ko na bat ko. pero bat ganun ayaw pumutok..
    parang nahihirapan ung bat. kailangan pang alugin ung gun para magfunction.. stock po ung bat ko 8.4v. can u help me with this? anu po dapat gawin? at tanong ko lan po kung metal bushing na to. black gerbox na po.

  81. Hey will ics M4 RIS handguard fit my jg m4a1?
    thanks for your time.

  82. hi just bought a jg fb6613 metal body m4 s-system and cant open up the receiver after removing the back pin by fire selector?are instructions wrong for newer metal bodies?

  83. I just bought jg m4A1 plastic body, i upgraded the piston body (Area 1000) and the spring (190%) after this the chrono resulted to 425fps max. What else do i need for this in order it will go higher than the said fps. Do i need sealing im not sure where? Matsalam!

  84. hi i have the jg m4 cqb and i was thinking about getting the echo 1 spr mk12 mod 0 kit. what would be a good inner barrel to get? and how long should it be? please let me know

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