Shotguns from Tokyo Marui

Spring powered. Simply cock and shoot. Fires 3 BBs each shot !! No gas, no battery, no charger needed.

SPAS 12 Shotgun


This weapon is intimidating. Everything about it screams, ‘MEAN’. Firing 3 BB’s per shot at nearly 300fps each, this is a CQB, room clearing machine.

Length 800mm
Weight 2,000g
Barrel Length 297mm x3
Magazine Capacity 30
Ammo Size 6mm BB
Muzzle Velocity 90m/s 300fps
Rounds Per Minute Pump Action

Tactical Launcher Shotgun78.jpg

This is the smallest shotgun available from Marui. Do not underestimate this weapon based on its size. The Tac Launcher packs a mean punch. Firing 3 BB’s per shot at close to 300fps each! With a TriRail System, you can easily add a flashlight, a laser, or even a grenade launcher !! With the retractable stock, transport is quick and easy. There are not many shotguns on the market that come in such a compact package.

Length 480mm 720mm
Weight 1,270g
Barrel Length 121mm x3
Magazine Capacity 30
Ammo Size 6mm BB
Muzzle Velocity 90m/s 295fps
Rounds Per Minute Pump Action

Two In One

When you cannot find a good sidearm for airsoft, or maybe, you’re out of budget but still, you need protection in case your M4 or M14 fails. Max Masterkey Rifle from AirsoftExtreme is the answer to your predicament .

AE Max Masterkey is built using the Maruzen shotgun, Classic Army M15A4 SPC, and G&P Masterkey kit. Upgrades to AEG and shotgun are extra. The Maruzen spring shotgun can be upgraded to almost 400fps (with 0.2g bb’s).

This baby cost $ 725.00



The M870 Slugshot Shotgun


This M870 Slugshot Shotgun is not recommend shooting your friends at close range. This guns performance is incredible with very high fire-power and I would not allow this weapon to be used in any amateur CQB scenarios. This shotgun was custom designed for US Navy training, which currently uses the Airsoft Surgeon slugshot for CQB training. Though you can purchase this airsoft shotgun at RedWolf Airsoft, I dont think that even ballistic airsoft goggles would save your eyes from this gun. Check the video below: