Classic Army LWRC PSD Blowback

In real life the LWRC PSD (Land Warfare Resources Corporation) is designed to take the role of a submachine gun while providing the greater firepower of a rifle caliber. It is 25 inches long.


Recently, Classic Army released it’s replica version of the LWRC PSD which it features electric blow-back, a newly designed metal hopup unit, a real LWRC logo, an 8mm metal bushing gearbox, a free-float rail system, metal flip up sights, MagPul MOE grip, and which Classic Army claims that it can handle a LiPo battery out of the box. For more information, visit Classic Army Website.

Check out  the video episode below of Future Weapons featuring the LWRC M6A2 PSD in 6.8mm SPC. This features Col. Darrel Elmore retired DCO of 5th Special Forces Group and Paul Howe of CSAT (Combat Shooting and Tactics) ex special forces.

Classic Army Blow back Series!

Check out the new 2009 Classic Army Blow back Series or visit their homepage for more. Click Here

CA G36C Blowback

CA G36C Blowback

CA M15 A4 Blowback


Scope for SVD-01k (CA038M-1)

Scope for SVD-01k (CA038M-1)



These are the new items released by Classic Army late last June 2009. The new CA Dragunov SVD series and the SAR Europa Sport KURZKARABINER (CA036M). Visit Classic Army Official Website for more details.

Classic Army 1911 Blow-Back Pistol

Classic Army just released its version of the 1911 blow-back pistol. The CA1911A1 has unique metal casted slide and frame and weighs 1,000.0g. It has a metal adjustable metal hop-up, gas blow-back and a 24+1 round magazine capacity.

CA SA M-7 Classic “Sportline”

Another item that’s up for grabs this June 2008 is the new Classic Army SA-M7 Sportline Series assault rifle. Like the SAS-M7 Sportline series aeg, the SAS-M7 too has metal outer barrel, front sight and rear sight and packs a 600 rounds magazine. But, this gun has a fix butt to accommodate larger batteries. Now you can chose between a lipoly or the standard NiCad batteries. It has a high-torque motor plus a real arsenal logo.

Classic Army MP5K

New Classic Army MP5k comes out with 7mm Bearing Gear Box, A3 lower receiver, bearing spring guide, gearing piston, and sealed bore-up cylinder. Plus a real B&T Logo with unique serial number. Check this out coming June 2008.

Classic Army AR10 (Updated)

Another future release from Classic Army, CA AR10.

CA AR-10