GHK Airsoft is a Taiwan based company which has designed and manufactured good quality airsoft guns of its own and recently they released the AK74UN gas blowback gun. It’s new patent on internal structure and they say, it’s currently the most realistic AK type gun with great accuracy and power.

Other features as following:
.Muzzle Velocity:Max 130m /s (around 390FPS, 0.2g bb/Green gas)
.Full Metal Internal. Reinforced internal that is durable.
.Full Metal Receiver.
.Authentic Appearance and blowback action
.Real Wood hand guard Furniture
.Magazine: 50 rounds

Tokyo Marui AKS74U with “Recoil Engine”

Tokyo Marui AKS74U Recoil

Tokyo Marui AKS74U "Recoil"

Like the Tokyo Marui AK74MN this has a “recoil engine”, which gives the gun a recoil and the bolt moves back and forth too. It also boasts an Aluminum receiver, which is a nice addition; within the receiver you will find a Newly-designed Mechbox. To add to that, the Magazine are of a completely new design also, so the standard Marui AK-47 Mags can not be used with this gun, you will need to get the appropriate Marui mags for this gun.

Product Brand : Tokyo Marui AK/AUG Series
Product Code: TM-AEG-AKS74U Hop-Up: ADJUSTABLE
Weight: 2,630 g Length: 739.0 mm
Capacity: 74 rds Power: 300.0 fps
Motor : Battery Size: 8.4v 600mAh MINI
Shooting Mode: semi, full
Price (USD) $399.99

(source: Redwolf Airsoft)

ICS AK74M (Second Generation)

The ICS AK74M Kalashnikov is a brand new designed assault rifle from ICS. It is improved from the previous version of ICS AK74. In order to provide more choices and perfect guns to its customers, ICS discards the plastic internal and external body design. This new productions has the same production process of the real AK74, steel stamping. ICS also utilizes precision lost wax casting materials to increase similarity to the real rifle.


Vega Force Company released a week ago the AK-105 Assualt Rifle. The AK-74 is a 5.45 mm assault rifle developed in the early 1970s in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It was the first Soviet rifle to be chambered in an intermediate rifle caliber. It was introduced into service in 1974 (used to equip, among others, Soviet forces engaged in the Afghanistan conflict).

Vega Force Company, always pursue the ultra high quality, realistic and extreme symbolize air soft. Based on the passion of customers toward the AK-74 series assault rifle, VFC specially developed their first AK-74 series airsoft gun: AK-74, AKS-74, AK-74M,AK-105 to AK fans!

Vega Force Company, as professional on the metals processes, employs steel plate this time, to express the fine texture of AK-74 series. Steel pressed receiver with realistic CED Electric Coating, also shows its sturdy and solid., and lightweight. Inside with Ver.3 reinforce gearbox mechanism, 7mm bearing, EG1300 high speed motor, precise steel gears, and high-abrasive strengthen piston. Those make VFC AK-74 series can
continuing to shoot more than ten thousand BB Bullets. VFC AK-74 series are definitely the outstanding air soft.

Other features include:
‧CNC one piece outer barrel.
‧Steel flash hider, could be take off and fitted with exclusive sound suppressor.
‧Skeleton stock could be foled to shows compactness and dexterousness of assault rifle.
‧Bolt carrier could be opened to maximum position for better adjustment of Hop-Up.
‧The realisitic incomplete disassembly.
‧Scope rail on the left side of receiver is a standard equipment for night battle, compatible with Russian style real scope.

VFC AK-74 series not only successfully solves the AK-74 series problems, but also has creative idea and inventiveness technology, to make players “Perfect Version AK-74” dream come true. Just like Izhmash develops the best defense weapon systems to guarantee security in the frontline, VFC with best quality Electric Air Soft to make every customer’s satisfaction.

Inokatsu’s AKS74U (2007)


This is Inokatsu’s 2007 version of the AKS74U, the Ak74UBK which was released late last year. The Ak7U has been widely used by the Russian Special Forces and by KGB Special Troops.

Tokyo Marui AK74MN



The real AK74MN fires by the gun powder explosion loaded into the cartridge to lead the bolt action by the flue gas. During this action, tremendous strong recoil occurs. So the most important matter to reproduce this model was, how can this mechanism and the recoil shock, can be revived in the electric airsoft guns? This was the most complicated question for the development team in Tokyo Marui. With several trials and errors during developing process, finally the “shoot and recoil engine” was completed. An intense interlocking bolt action during firing operation, and because of the never experienced strong recoil shock, firing in full auto will make the shooter hard to aim and group fire with just an easy grip. This model selects the shooter if he is ready for the “real one” and a one rank upper electric model gun for all airsoft gun maniacs.

For the new mechanism and material and the precise details, this model will be proudly known as the “Best of AK47”. With the same materials and the structure as the real arm, this model dangers the existence, of all the airsoft models that were recently made. Tokyo Marui has used all of their passion and technology to develop this new generation electric airsoft gun.

ICS-36 AK74 Wood Version

Here is a nice wood version of ICS – Ak74. It uses real wood on upper/lower hand guard and fixed stock.


3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg