Tokyo Marui M92F Blowback Pistol

Tokyo Marui M92F

Tokyo Marui M92F

Tokyo Marui just released their new TM M92F Airsoft Blowback pistol. The TM M92F comes out with two variations; Frame Silver and Slide Silver (photo above).

Type name M92F frame silver and M92F slide silver
Total length 216mm
Weight 755g (the magazine it includes)
Number of cartridges 26+1 rounds
Bullet 6mm BB bullet
Optional spare magazine M92F military model spare magazine and M92F chrome stainless steel magazine
The long magazine for M92F

What Is The Best Blowback M4?

Which Is the Best Blowback M4? RedWolf Airsoft’s choose which of the latest generation of blowback Armalites is right for you.

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FRAG-CDO: Back to the Roots

Since the inception of Force Recon Airsoft Group, Inc. way back in November 2007, the group has grown into a bigger, better team not just in terms of skills but the spirit of brotherhood has become its icon of strength. It is also with this great improvement that vital  aspects into the treatment of the sport has been neglected and/or exploited. Because of the team’s enthusiasm to the sport, players began to develop a certain “itch”: looking forward to every Sunday game, seriousness in entering a tournament, increasing AEG velocities, etc.

FRAG Team @ 2009 Inter-CDO Tournament

FRAG Team @ 2009 Inter-CDO Tournament

Well, frankly speaking, there really is nothing wrong with this just the fact the we sometimes overdo it. One evident character that we have noticed is the gradual increase of AEG velocity that sometimes we fire AEGs with ridiculous “fps” of 500 – bbs passing through and through face masks even cracking M4 hand guards. It becomes a problem when safety of the players is compromised. The FRAG officers first solved the problem with “boundary rules.” A player with velocities higher than 450fps can only fire up to a certain area marked by the Head Marshall, so they pose as gunners and snipers, which, for most players who are used to CQB and assault games, means no fun at all. Still, even with the strict imposition of the rules, some players with high-velocity AEGs get through their boundaries unnoticed by marshalls. This can cause unavoidable damage to other players.

We do have guests from other teams who come and play with us, and even those who just come to try playing airsoft. This can sometimes cause shame to our group if we hurt a guest player or a beginner, so FRAG, as a group had to do some preventive measures to avoid serious injuries to our guests and so with our own team members as well. It was towards the start of the year when FRAG Command imposed a strict rule banning AEGs with velocities above the maximum 450fps from  the game, even just 1fps higher would result to this measure. Another rule that the committee imposed was the wearing of full BDU to ensure the safety of the players, and of course, for battle simulation purposes. The officers had to check every AEG for suspected high velocity, and as always, “No BDU, no play.” We did not only limit these rules to our group but also to our guest players as well. If ever a group would want to play with FRAG, we send them our new set of rules, and if they abide by it, they can play.

For quite some time that we followed this trend, we have developed so many things as a group. We have very much improved since then. We realized that it is not with the use of AEGs with high velocities that make our Sunday game more realistic or exciting, instead, we worked on improving our scenarios to have a dynamic military simulation. Most importantly, we have learned to grow as a team. Our spirit of brotherhood is the epitomy of our strength, and with this notion, we can overcome many of our encounters. FRAG does not deem to set as an example to the airsoft community, but it is with its thrusts that FRAG community exists as a believer and lover of the sport lifted by our respect to the entire airsoft community.

Tokyo Marui M933 Commando

Tokyo Marui M933 Commando

Tokyo Marui M933 Commando

Presenting the New Tokyo Marui M933 Commando Assault Rifle. Date of Release, July 02, 2009.

Type name M933 Commando
Total length 664mm/748mm
Weight 2,650g (battery not being included)
Barrel length 272mm
The number of cartridges 68 rounds (option 190 – 300 rounds)
Bullet 6mm BB bullet
Running fire speed 750 – 850 rounds/minute

In addition this time, it’s other features are as follows, orthodox A2 type grip, version 2 mechanic box, EG1000 motor.

Visit Tokyo Marui Website for details.

ARES T.A.R. 21 (TAVOR Bullpup Assault Rifle)

Yes! Since Operation Cast Lead , I was hoping the airsoft world would soon develop the Tavor Bullpup Assault Rilfe for airsoft gaming. Well boys and girls, ARES Airsoft finally developed an airsoft replica of this beautiful AR.

ARES T.A.R. 21

ARES T.A.R. 21

The T.A.R. 21 is an Israeli bullpup assault rifle with a selective fire system, the name T.A.R. 21 is an acronym for Tavor Assault Rifle – 21st Century. It was selected as the future assault rifle for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and has been the standard issued battle rifle for the Givati Brigade since August of 2006 and of the Golani Brigade in August of 2008. The IMI Tavor TAR21 can be seen in service with over 10 countries around Europe, and in the Middle-East.

The T.A.R. 21 is an Israeli bullpup assault rifle chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition with a selective fire system; Bullpup rifles are configured in a layout in which the bolt carrier group is placed behind the pistol grip; this shortens the overall length but does not sacrifice barrel length. The T.A.R. 21 provides carbine length, but rifle muzzle velocity. The bullpup design is also used to minimize the silhouette of soldiers and to maximize effectiveness in turning corners in urban warfare.

ARES Tavor Bullpup Video

The ARES T.A.R. 21 is truly a beautiful AEG, with the body of the gun made from robust FRP complete with licensed trademarks and logos from IWI TAVOR Industries and an imitation M.A.R.S (Multipurpose Aiming Reflex Sight) Unit complete with an aiming laser. The body texture looks absolutely stunning, the T.A.R. 21 feels great in your hands, snapping up from a low ready position to a firing position whilst having instant target acquisition is achieved through the great positioning of the M.A.R.S. unit.

Both the front and rear iron sights are available through a simple flip, but are usually hidden along the top of the TAR-21. Due to the unique design of the ARES TAR-21, the spring is located right in the buttstock allowing quick and easy spring changes, therefore allowing you to upgrade/downgrade your rifle on the fly.

This is one lovely piece of machinery that cannot be skipped over, especially if you are an Airsofter!

Total Length: 680mm

The ARES T.A.R. 21 features:
# One Push Bolt.
# Spring Release System.
# SILP-Up Rear and Front Iron Sights.
# The Famed M.A.R.S. Unit (Multipurpose Aiming Reflex Sight) with Aiming Laser.
# A cocking handle that can be swapped for left or right handed operators.

Estimated Price: US$500

For More about ARES T.A.R. 21, visit RedWolf Airsoft for more details.


Scope for SVD-01k (CA038M-1)

Scope for SVD-01k (CA038M-1)



These are the new items released by Classic Army late last June 2009. The new CA Dragunov SVD series and the SAR Europa Sport KURZKARABINER (CA036M). Visit Classic Army Official Website for more details.

G&G RK Beta

G&G RK BetaG&G RK Beta

G&G RK Beta

I love G&G products. I have been using the  G&G RK104 Evo for quite a time and it has not failed me during  team skirmishes and tournaments. According to some reviews the new RK Beta is a solid gun, inside and out, and you wouldn’t expect anything less. The full metal body acts as a foundation for the polymer stock and front hand guards, the result is an extremely solid and realistic AEG. It’s muzzle velocity is 350-370 FPS and 600 rounds Magazine capacity.

Estimated Price: US $320-330