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  1. is it ok to charge the lipoly 11.1v mah 1500 batt using wall charger 8.4v 250 ma charger? it is will cause damage to the batt and charger?

    Yep it will damage the lipo battery for you need to balance the charging of each cells. The best charger for this kind of battery is the IMAX B6 LI-PO Lipo Polymer Balance Battery Charger. Try to google it!

  2. hakeem gudam

    how bout charging my li-po wt 12v 500ma adoptor……. what would happen?????????? tnx..

    You have to buy a balancer/charger for your lipoly batteries. You cannot use any other chargers. Esky balancer/chargers for lipoly are cheap which can bought locally. But personally, I am not a lipoly user, I stick with the reliable, gear friendly nicad batteries 🙂

  3. why? what is your opinion on esky balancer charger, is it good and reliable to use?

    Please bear in mind that Esky Charges only up to 1000mah. So this means that you will still be able to use your battery but, you will not be able to get the maximum performance of the battery.

  4. gentleman gudam,

    i need help. why does my m4cb misfeed specialy when in fullauto mode………. tnx……….

    Check your if barrel it is clean. Check if you are using Lipoly battery. Lipoly tends to have high ROF which makes some aegs misfeed. Try using NiCad batteries. If it doesn’t solve the problem, check your hop-up rubber if there are any cuts on the lip. If there are no cuts, your hop rubber is not the problem. Install a “sector chip” in the sector gears, that would definitely solve your problem of misfeeds.

  5. gentleman

    tnx u…… ill check on it wright away sir………

  6. bros gudpm,

    what are the things needed to achive 450fps on my jg akspetz?????? tnx……….. morepower……..

    Change the stock spring to PDI 190, change to metal bushings, change spring guide, and check if there are any “air-leaks” on the internals (hop, cylinder, noozle)

  7. thank you bro………. yahoo. yehey……………

  8. gentleman, gudam

    baket umiinit yung lipoly batery n wire ng unit ko kapag nag fufull auto po ako. nag palit ko kase ako ng sp 130 na spring……….

    Lipoly batteries tends to “heat-up” when you go full-auto especially when you use PDI 190 or SP 130 spring. You can minimize it by shooting “full-auto short-burst”. Just make sure you are not using a lipoly with 20c discharge or there’s a chance your electrical wirings gets “fried”.

  9. thank you bro, fortunately im using 15c hahahahaha…………..

  10. sir, just asking, my jg m4 s-system was upgraded 2 months ago, i installed pdi 190, metal bushings and lipoly batt 11.1v, after upgrading it was 450fps and now went down to 380fps like my stock before, just for 4 games, is that settlement of the spring sir or some parts must be change, hoping for your help on this sir.

    thank you very much sir and more power to your team.

    Sir, you might want to bring your AEG to your nearest gunsmith and have it check for “air-leaks”.

  11. nid help for my hk416… i want my hk416 to be a sniper type… what are the minimal parts that i need to customize… thanks…

    a scope

  12. aside the scope what else to customize?

    Sir, HK416 is not really a sniper rifle. It is an assault rifle. Anyway, if you want your HK416 to look like a sniper rifle, here’s what you do. Buy a scope(magnifier), extend your inner barrel and install a suppressor on it. You may want to color your HK in camo to conceal the gun when sniping or you may wrap your HK and scope with a netted camo cloth. Goodluck.

  13. thanks man…

  14. How much will it cost to own a brand new AR-15. Cheap yet reliable unit for a starter like me. Im interested. tnx a lot.

    Call 09225479078

  15. SIR my unit is an m4RIS.. ask lang ko sa iya fps out of the box kei wala pa nako na chrono test… sir, to attain its firing range to 400+ meters and fps, unsa ako e.upgrade sir..?

    Is it TM? CA? Jing Gong? If it’s Jing Gong, you may change the plastic bushing to metal bushings. Change Spring to PDI 190 or SP 120 to increase FPS. Change battery to higher voltage and mah. Change that stock spring guide.

  16. my m4RIS is A&K. tnx sir..

    Just change spring to pdi 190 or sp 120, change spring guide and new lipo battery.

  17. im currently using a firefox 8.4V 2000mah… is it ok if i replace it with an 11.1V lipolly batt? tnx sir…

    As long as you have upgraded your bushings to metal and piston body to polycarb or titanium.

  18. is it ok to replace an 8.4v with an 11.1v? ‘di bah masira ang gun?

    Upgrade your gun first before using the 11.1v lipoly battery.

  19. sir gudam,

    ill be heading to cdo tentatively around 1st week of july, and i am looking forward to buy a airsoft rifle like m4carbine jg. can you give an idea were to 2 buy 1. tnx n more power……………..

    pls call 09225479078

  20. good day sir, changing my stock barrel of jg m4 s-system to 6.03 x 409 tight barrel mad bull, it will increase the fps and accuracy sir ?


  21. Sir,

    Just a question:

    What scope with magnification would be best for my rifle?

    I’m currently using JG M4 S System.

    With considerations on price. What would be my minimal budget?

    Thanks and more power to the group!

    Magnified scopes ranges from P5k-P7k

  22. sir,

    im a newbie in airsoft, just want to ask if its ok to upgrade my guns spring to pdi 190% or guarder sp140, what will you recommend better sir? will the stock part hold up against the new springs? oh almost forgot, my gun is jg h&k416.. thanks a lot sir hope you could help me out it would be a big help.. and hope you could teach me some things bout my gun..

    Make sure you aeg has metal bushings and change that stock metal spring guide to a version 2 bearing spring guide.

  23. thanks a lot sir.. so whats better sir the sp140 or the pdi 190%? it would realy help me a lot.. TIA.

    High FPS will lower the AEG accuracy. So I would suggest to have your FPS at around 440-450fps. I would recommend using the PDI 190 springs.

  24. Good Morning Sirs,

    Im interested in getting an M14 Spcom.

    In your opinion is it a good rifle even though its only at 3350 FPS?

    Can it still be upgraded to icrease the FPS?

    Thanks again and more power!

    You can upgrade the SOCOM’s fps to 400 plus using high end springs such as Techpro, PDI, Guarder or Systema.

  25. Maraming salamat po!

    Big help


  27. hi fellow airsofters!

  28. i am Junlite, of TAMBuk, Team airsoft Malaybalay Buk. i wud like to in form u that ur team is invited to our tournament this coming Sept. 27-28, 2008. i was try to log-in @ ur furom and post the details but don’t how.

    for more info.

  29. hi how are you all here!!!

  30. Hi

    As newly registered user i only want to say hi to everyone else who uses this forum <:-)

  31. can you help me? I don’t know whay should i do
    i dont noob!

    what do you need?

  32. jordana i think u really need help/……………………….

  33. Sir, ok lng po ba na gamitin ung fast charger sa lipoly?

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