Classic Army MP5K

New Classic Army MP5k comes out with 7mm Bearing Gear Box, A3 lower receiver, bearing spring guide, gearing piston, and sealed bore-up cylinder. Plus a real B&T Logo with unique serial number. Check this out coming June 2008.

Classic Army CA53 A2

Another new release from Classic Army. Click on photo to view features.

Coming Soon from G&G Armament

G&G Romania RK Series

G&G Mock Silencer and Flash Supressors

G&G G MP5A5 Retractable Stock

New Classic Army MP5 A2/A3 Metal Body Sportline

The New Classic Army MP5 Series. Now with Metal Body.

Classic Army CA33 KA3

Another new release from Classic Army is the CA33 KA3 which features includes a high torque motor, metal spring guide, aluminum flash hider, metal hop up chamber, high cap magazine (330 Rd), quick dissemble metal body, 6mm metal bushings and a front cocking tube assembly

Classic Army MP5A2 “Sportline”

Classic Army earlier this year also released its “Sportline” MP5A2 Series.



Dismantle and Assemble your AEG V2

Breakdown of how to take apart airsoft gun AEG V2 gear box. Very helpful instructional guide on taking apart or dismantling a V2 Airsoft gun mech box. V2 mech box is standard gear box for MP5, M4, M16, M15, AK, airsoft gun AEG’s. etc

Breakdown of how to put back togther airsoft gun AEG V2 gear box. Very helpful instructional guide on putting together or assembling a V2 Airsoft gun mech box

Classic Army (CA) MP5A3 Sportline


Classic Army will soon release its new Sportline MP5A3 “Wide Forearm”.


  • Real B&T Logo
  • High Torque Motor
  • High Cap Magazine (200 rounds)
  • Metal Front and Rear Sights
  • Movable Cocking Lever
  • High Precision Metal Gearbox

MP5-PDW Review

When the movie “The Kingdom” showed Jennifer Gardner with a MP5 PDW, the PDW suddenly became a hot item in the airsoft world. So we decided to check some reviews and give you some details of what we’ve found. To start with, Tokyo Marui, Galaxy, Echo 1 and TSD Tactical has its own versions of the Mp5 PDW.


Echo1 MP5k PDW

A typical MP5 PDW has the following specs:

  • Gearbox Type: Ver. 2
  • Length: 502mm
  • Accuracy: 100 feet
  • Muzzle Velocity: 315fps
  • Magazine Capacity: 200 Round High-Cap
  • Battery Pack Size: Stick Type Battery

As a matter of fact, the rate of fire of MP5 PDW is average, because of the low mah battery it doesn’t last long. The most you’ll get out of the 8.4v 600mAh battery (in a stock PDW) is a days’ worth of shooting or about 1000 rounds at a short distance. Hence, making it a great back up but not a great assault weapon.

If the cocking tube is chopped or removed, you can fit a 9.6 600Mah, which ultimately is no different except for a faster release of energy to the motor. The life span would still be very short. Any other battery upgrading will have to involve some external mounting, or body modification.

What makes it fun to own it? Due to it’s extremely short inner barrel, that piston-clacking noise is very loud compared to other AEG’s (Excluding the MP5k). The PDW’s noise adds a nice intimidation factor but of course no value to the performance. If someone were to ask for the best gun to upgrade into a loud, vibrating monster, I’d say throw the Aluminum piston head in the PDW, and there you have it. Think twice before you buy.

JG Full Metal MP5 RAS Ver. 2


It is an exact replica of the famous sub-machine gun that many special operations units use today. It comes with the current version navy style group lower. Its retractable stock makes it a great weapon in CQB and woodland situations.

Unlike other MP5s in the JG line of airsoft guns this MP5 has a full metal upper receiver and RAS system. The battery is also cleverly hidden inside the vertical grip that is included with the airsoft gun. This is the 2nd version of the JG MP5 RAS because it comes with the correct ABS plastic lower receiver. When JG received orders to build a “full metal” MP5 they took it quite literally and made the entire gun metal, they got it right this time around and now the MP5 RAS is more realistic than ever. Other high end brands like ICS and TM cannot match the construction and features of this JG MP5.

JG AEGs are fully upgradeable and compatible with all after market external and internal parts. JG MP5s are also compatible with other major brand standard or high capacity after market magazines.