Last October 25, 2008 we had our first official night operations at Dicklum, Monolo Fortich, Bukidnon. The gamesite is a 14.8 acre estate owned by one of the FRAG-CDO officers, Marshall Dave, with a diverse terrain of dense vegetation, open field, tree life, and a creek running through the edge of the land area. FRAG’s call time was at 4pm, and the officials were supposed to plant six objectives at the playing field but we arrived at the estate at 7pm. It was too dark to cover the entire estate for our games. For most of our players, it was their first time to be in the game site and all they have was a mock sketch of the entire area – a map that they have to figure out and read properly for it is not impossible for others to get lost in the dark, or worst, be taken by it. There was no moon! The only source of light you will see emits from a small house and a chicken coop, not enough to identify wether you are with friend, foe, or something else. The officials decided to narrow down the gamesite into a hectare, and carefully placed the objectives into fair locations, but some were at the mercy of the snipers. There were eighteen FRAG members that night; four were designated to be an independent team of snipers taking out anything or anyone in their sights, the rest were divided into two seven-man teams and were tasked to get the objectives and take out or avoid the snipers. Read More.

 A Shau

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FRAG CDO concludes Operation Starlight

Force Recon Airsoft Group Cagayan de Oro (FRAG-CDO) just concluded its first Inter-FRAG Night Operation dubbed “Starlight” at a pitched-black 6-hectare gamesite in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. The game started at exactly 10 PM and ended at around 2 AM the next day. Two selected 7-man opposing squads fought it for 3-hours to take control several objectives.

Group Photo and Command Briefing

Detailed Map of Operation Starlight

FRAG Dublin @ Camaraderie Cup

FRAG Dublin during Camaraderie Cup at Dublin, Ireland last October 17, 2008.

VFC AK-105: The Best AK AEG?



Is the new VFC AK-105 the best AK AEG out there? VFC are self-proclaimed champions of making airsoft AEG’s and their recent offering, the AK-105 with blowback, is a prime example of their expertise in making AK’s. So, what makes their AK so special? Check this review from Redwolf Airsoft.

Operation STARLIGHT at A Shau

On October 25 and 26, 2008, Force Recon Airsoft will hold its 1st ever  EXCLUSIVE Overnight Tournament at the new gamesite – A Shau Valley (photo below). Games will be held at night and will concentrate on Recon Simulation, a fresh approach from the usual Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Tournaments.

Recon Land


FRAG’s A Shau Valley

Year One…

A Year Ago…

On Monday, October 06, 2008, the video below will be a year old.

We, the members of Force Recon Airsoft are strengthened by our courage, heartened by our values, and borne by this great achievement. We will continue to stand for the ideals for which we believed.


The First Force Recon Airsoft - CDO

The First Force Recon Airsoft - CDO

In this photo: Niel M., Bobby L., Mike M., Ed T., Jeremy C., Armi T.

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