Inokatsu AKS-74U and M4 SOPMOD PTWs

Inokatsu released their C02 versions of the Masterworks P.T.W AKS-74U and M4 SOPMOD. These aegs has metal and plastic construction and weighs around 3.0kg. No detail on pricing yet.

This AK Rocks!! The CYMA AK47S

I recently bought a ‘Cyma’ AK47S with metal body and real wood furnitures (CM042S) and I tell you, this is one hell of an AEG. Priced at around 7k (Ph peso), this beauty shoots at 450-460FPS out of the box (459fps to be exact at the last chrono reading). I checked the internals and yes, it has metal bearing bushings. Other features of this gun:

— Rugged and robust construction, hefty weight
— New generation full metal gear box with precision motor, metal gears
— 1200mah battery with great fighting power and lasting shooting performance
— Metal bolt carrier, metal trigger, metal receiver cover, metal folding stock
— Excellent quality metal selector/safety switch
— Metal front/rear sight with full functionality
— Adjustable Hop-up systems
— Great power and excellent accuracy
— Awesome stock – wood finish nicer than TM and others
— High capacity magazines with impressive wind-up design

CA SA M-7 Classic “Sportline”

Another item that’s up for grabs this June 2008 is the new Classic Army SA-M7 Sportline Series assault rifle. Like the SAS-M7 Sportline series aeg, the SAS-M7 too has metal outer barrel, front sight and rear sight and packs a 600 rounds magazine. But, this gun has a fix butt to accommodate larger batteries. Now you can chose between a lipoly or the standard NiCad batteries. It has a high-torque motor plus a real arsenal logo.


Coming Soon!! G&G AKM Series.

Real Sword (RS) Type 56

The type 56 is a Chinese version of AK-47. It belongs to the same family with former Soviet AK-47 for it was entirely brought in from Soviet. In 1951, the former Soviet supplied China with small arms documents. These documents included the full set materials of AK-47, such as the blue print, design size, train dimension etc., especially some expertise. At that time the latest small arm (AK-47) was just officially armed to the Soviet army. The all around support enabled China type 56 to stand at the same level with the former Soviet Union.

With the guidance from consultants of the former Soviet, China had successfully developed and produced the AK-47 rifle and named it type 56. Two years later, it was adopted by the PLA. Type 56 semi-auto rifle, 56 machine gun and 56 assault rifle were the main weapons of Chinese troops in next 40 years. It is also the largest quantity of assault rifles which was manufactured and equipped in China.






•Steel front sight, made up of sight, sight base and sight slide base as real ones, adjustable up-down or left-right.
•Sight base combined firmly with barrel by adopting interference fit technique, no wobble.
•Other parts on the barrel, such as gas tube, are identical to military parts.
•Same underfolding bayonet mount as real steel, with dummy plastic spike bayonet.
•Handguard, stock and grips are all made of real steel factory standard wood. Steel parts, like frame, are made of
real steel factory standard steel, and produced in the same method.
•Steel handguard pin in the rear sight base, same disassembly of upper handguard as real steel after upward
•The 260.3mm stamped steel frame, has same size with real steel. All rivets and welding points are in compliance
with the real steel and the surface is processed with oxidation treatment. All these features bring great satisfaction
to airsofters and collectors.
Large batteries can be installed after opening receiver top.
•The newly developed 7mm bearing metal gear box is equipped with special high strength gear set, air seal nozzle
and spring lease device, for easy care and maintenance.
•Pulling steel charging handle backwards allows convenient adjustment to the Hop-up.
•For the 150rds steel magazine, magazine box, front and rear catch and reinforced board applied the same spot
welding technique and material as real steel. Surface finish is also same and lacquer free. The more the steel
magazine is used, the more charming it is.
•Unique serial number, worthy of collection.The REAL Thing.

Type 56 7.62mm assault rifle  / RS type 56 6mm AEG

– Overall Weight – 3.8kg / 3.5kg
– Caliber –  7.62X39mm / 6mm BB bullet
– Velocity – 710~730m/s’ / 90m/s’

Full Metal 24K Gold Plated AK47 S A.E.G.


goldak_1.jpg goldak_3.jpg goldak_2.jpg

Full Metal 24K Gold Plated AK47 A.E.G. This is a limited special edition AK47 AEG by SRC. Exclusively to Evike Co. and very other few companies in the world. Retailed in many shows for over $3000. This is not just a regular painted gold, but PLATED!

FPS: 330
CNC Lathe Aluminum Barrel
Aluminum Frame Full Metal body
Ultra high torque motor for up to m140 upgrades!
Customized reinforced gearbox and internals, fully upgradeable.
AEG comes in a SRC deluxe hard gun case.

When SRC was first introduced they had the regular M4A1 AEG, but lately they have been releasing many full metal AEG and the quality is very nice. SRC A.E.G. is now at the level of Tokyo Marui, ICS and Classic Army.

To better introduce themselves to the market, they have created 150 pieces of this gold plated 24K gold AK47 AEG. It is limited at 150 pieces because the plating process is very difficult and to create these 150 pieces of flawless gold plated AEG they have to use much more than 150 parts because the plating process has a high failure rate. The price on these AK are super low because it is meant to be a promotional product for big over-sea dealers.