ICS Split Gearbox Die Hard Test

This video wants to prove the durable structure of ICS Split gearbox using M120 spring and an 11.1v, 2000mah lipoly battery.

Though I’ve tested an ICS unit without problems using a much stronger Techpro 190 Spring with 11.1v 2000mah, just make sure to change ICS’s stock soft piston body to a more durable one. =)

ICS Plastic Reinforced AEGs

ICS released the durable but economic version M4 for skirmish players. Except the upper receiver, lower receiver and carrier handle set are made from reinforced industrial standard plastic. All designs is as same as the design of the metal M4s.

How to use ICS Forward Assist Function the Right Way.

I have noticed that there are a good number of ICS M4’s users lately. But many of us still doesn’t know when or how to use this useful function the right way. I am going to post important and helpful tips about the Forward Assist Function which ICS published in there website. The full context of this of this topic can be view here.

ICS Forward Assist Button

1. Although AEGs is a toy gun, we still apply the norm of real gun on airsoft gun. We have to unload airsoft gun first after shooting or combat.
2. When we don’t use the airsoft gun, we have to release the magazine and change fire mode to semi-auto. Point the gun toward safety area and clean the pellets remaining in barrel by shooting two ~ three times. Then push the forward assist knob to release piston and spring.
3. Pushing the forward assist knob when the fire mode is still in auto may cause the broken piston. As it mention above that there are four possible stop points of the piston after automatic shooting. If the piston happens to be at the forth position and players push the forward assist knob, No.3 gear will reverse too fast because of the inertia and rebound which result from the tension of spring. The reversing No.3 gear will hit the last teeth of piston and may break it. This situation gets worse with more powerful spring setting.
4. The proper way to use forward assist are first, release the magazine, Second, Point the gun toward safety shooting area and clean the pellets remaining in barrel by shooting two ~ three times. Finally push the forward assist knob to release piston and disassembly battery plug. Then store your airsoft gun into carrying bag. Forward assist knob is not for using at any moment. The proper timing of using forward assist knob is after shooting or combat and all the unloaded processes are done.

For more info about ICS Foward Assist, please click here.

ICS AK74M (Second Generation)

The ICS AK74M Kalashnikov is a brand new designed assault rifle from ICS. It is improved from the previous version of ICS AK74. In order to provide more choices and perfect guns to its customers, ICS discards the plastic internal and external body design. This new productions has the same production process of the real AK74, steel stamping. ICS also utilizes precision lost wax casting materials to increase similarity to the real rifle.

New ICS L85A2

Another good news for ICS users. ICS just release their new L85 with a new innovative gearbox. For product full description and features click here


Wow!! ICS lovers, the CXP is going to be launch on April 21, 2008. Be sure to make your reservations now.

ICS M4A1 Main and Gearbox Assemble/Disassemble

A video guide for ICS M4 users. 🙂

ICS M4 Main Disassemble.

ICS M4 Main Assemble

ICS M4 Gearbox Disassemble.

ICS M4 Gearbox Assemble