Operation Lang Vei @ Malasag

Force Recon Airsoft Group (FRAG-CDO) will be home at last in the jungles of Malasag, Cagayan de Oro by the 1st week of April for “Operation Lang Vei”. A whole day operation in which the group will re-enact The Battle of Lang Vei which was fought on the night of 6 February 1968, between elements of the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and the United States-led Detachment A-101, 5th Special Forces Group.

The Jungle vines of Malasag

FRAG members during a skirmish at Camp Lauriel today.


A New Playing Field…

Force Recon Airsoft will develop this place to be its Close Quarters Battle Area (CQB). A perfect place within the heart of the city and and is 4,000 sq/m big that would suite any close battle scenarios the group can offer. F.R.A.G – CDO would like to thank the people who shared this beautiful place to us.



Skirmish at Malasag Part 1

This was our first skirmish at Malasag, Cagayan de Oro (6 October 2007). Though we are a bit small as a group, we were able to play and recon the area. Everyone did enjoy the experience and we hope to double our size as we plan to create another scenario for November 3 activity.

What Is F.R.A.G – CDO

FORCE RECON AIRSOFT GROUP, INC (F.R.A.G.) is a group of historical military combat re-enactors from all walks of life who get together on the third Saturday of each quarter, regardless of weather conditions, to participate in true-to-life military combat re-enactment using Airsoft equipment and to educate ourselves and the public about military history and tactics..

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to re-enact elements of historical military conflicts (Philippine and International) with honor, sportsmanship, integrity, and realism. We are not here for the purpose of competing, but rather to enjoy the overall military simulation experience. Each event should give you the opportunity to take on a role and briefly experience life as a combat soldier. You should leave each event with a tiny feeling of how it might feel for the real guys on the line, and perhaps have a stronger admiration for what they endure day-in day-out.

In no way is the F.R.A.G. a political or a militia group. The costumes used in F.R.A.G. operations might make the members look like a militia, but the uniforms are used solely to achieve the historical theatrical re-enactment with as many details as possible to simulate realistic combat conditions. F.R.A.G operations are far more engaging and interesting and exciting than any first person title you’ve seen, because you are immersed in the simulation.

AREAS OF OPERATION: F.R.A.G operations involve more realism, adventure, and substantially less expense than other conventional airsoft events. To achieve the level of realism, F.R.A.G combat re-enactments are held legally with permission in national forests, land managed by the D.E.N.R Region 10 (Department of Environment and Natural Resources), and on private properties. Several re-enactments (Areas of Operations) will be located in the Malasag Mountain Range, near Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City.

F.R.A.G operations typically run all day long, with a civilized lunch break, of course. Then, it’s time for the camaraderie of the staging area or campsite, where combatants relax—still immersed in the role of combat soldiers–after an exciting day of fighting and swapping stories of the day’s action.

SEALS CONCERN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Since F.R.A.G operations are held in the natural outdoors, Mother Nature provides the areas of operation, and she has been kind enough to provide some wonderful places in which to bring combat history to life once again. In return, it is only fair that F.R.A.G.s and guests help Mother Nature preserve the environment. All honorable F.R.A.G. feel this is not only the right thing to do, but is a duty as well.