ARES M200 Gas Powered Sniper Rifle

Ares' Cheytac Intervention M200

Ares' Cheytac Intervention M200

Another kick-ass Sniper Rifle from ARES Airsoft , the Cheytac Intervention M200.  This huge airsoft gun weighs 8650g and 1240-1390mm in length might be one of the longest sniper rifle out there. Check video below or full review of this monster here.

ICS Split Gearbox Die Hard Test

This video wants to prove the durable structure of ICS Split gearbox using M120 spring and an 11.1v, 2000mah lipoly battery.

Though I’ve tested an ICS unit without problems using a much stronger Techpro 190 Spring with 11.1v 2000mah, just make sure to change ICS’s stock soft piston body to a more durable one. =)