VFC EGLM DX Airsoft Grenade Launcher

Think it’s crazy to walk into a speed-ball tournament or a skirmish with nothing but a grenade launcher? VFC’s MK13 EGLM Launcher is no regular launcher it’s a worthy primary weapon (if you can practice reloading fast enough!) See RedWolf Airsoft’s feature presentation video this week to see this bad boy in action!

VFC EGLM DX Airsoft Grenade Launcher

Just like the real steel EGLM, the VFC version features the same rotating locking breech system and 6x dextrorotations simulation rifling just for looks! The EGLM launcher system from VFC can be very easily fitted to both the Standalone MK16 and the SCAR series, complete with both 7.62 and 5.56 style trigger pack modules.

True to the real steel designs, VFC has created a true masterpiece, from the shape of the EGLM all the way down to the unique serial numbers. The breech is opened by depressing a spring loaded button which ejects the shell (not included) from the EGLM, and like the real steel EGLM launcher, the barrel can swivel both left and right up to 15 degrees for ease of loading.

The Stand-alone EGLM comfortable fits all body sizes with its easily adjustable buttstock. Complete with 4 CNC machined rails, you can install literally anything and everything on it, so if you want a great looking EGLM launcher that operates as good as it looks, you need not look further!

Mounted on the Standalone system, the EGLM measures in at:
Length (Retracted): 525mm
Length (Fully Extended): 690mm

For more information and pricing visit: RedWolf Airsoft

VFC M4 E-Series & Internal Review

Vega Force Company just released their new M4 E Series. Take a look at the video to see the VFC M4 E-Series internals. For more details visit VFC website.

VFC M4ES 14.5R

VFC M4ES Defender

VFC M4ES Tactical Carbine




Vega Force Company has been teasing us lately with their 2009 version of the AKM/AKMS AEGs. No information about what’s new or other specifics on this gun and people are getting excited about it. Stay tuned for more. =)

VFC AK-105: The Best AK AEG?



Is the new VFC AK-105 the best AK AEG out there? VFC are self-proclaimed champions of making airsoft AEG’s and their recent offering, the AK-105 with blowback, is a prime example of their expertise in making AK’s. So, what makes their AK so special? Check this review from Redwolf Airsoft.


New from Vega Force Company (VFC), FN SCAR Heavy. VFC has decided to make SCAR-L STD, which is the most popular with soldiers and civilian, for their first modern class positive electronic air soft rifle product. Receiver was made by Aluminum with high class positive electrode treatment, to unfold closeness and exquisite characters of high technology in 21 century. Critical parts are made by steel, has the same size as real one, which more realistic and unassailable. Internal mechanism has a horizontal gear box design by VFC exclusively, which has adopted on HK416 to prove its reliability already. 7mm bearings, EG1300 high speed motor, high precision steel gears, and anti-friction reinforce piston. Make VFC SCAR can shoot more than ten thousands continually with outstanding performance, and worth to trust.

Rest feartures include:

‧Base on the newest model SCAR-III, reproduce all detail completely.
‧The procedure of disassembly as real one, easy for maintenance.
‧CNC Aluminum one piece upper receiver, high rigidness & light weight.
‧CNC Aluminum bolt set, can be hold in open position for Hop-Up adjustment.
‧Aluminum front sight set + steel rear sight set, material and function as real.
‧Stainless one piece gas cylinder set, high reliability & extreme tough.
‧The buttstock combines foldable, retractable, adjustable cheek piece function as real one.
‧The Hop-Up adjustment tool and barrel detach tool hidden in gas tuner, easy to maintenance.


Vega Force Company released a week ago the AK-105 Assualt Rifle. The AK-74 is a 5.45 mm assault rifle developed in the early 1970s in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It was the first Soviet rifle to be chambered in an intermediate rifle caliber. It was introduced into service in 1974 (used to equip, among others, Soviet forces engaged in the Afghanistan conflict).

Vega Force Company, always pursue the ultra high quality, realistic and extreme symbolize air soft. Based on the passion of customers toward the AK-74 series assault rifle, VFC specially developed their first AK-74 series airsoft gun: AK-74, AKS-74, AK-74M,AK-105 to AK fans!

Vega Force Company, as professional on the metals processes, employs steel plate this time, to express the fine texture of AK-74 series. Steel pressed receiver with realistic CED Electric Coating, also shows its sturdy and solid., and lightweight. Inside with Ver.3 reinforce gearbox mechanism, 7mm bearing, EG1300 high speed motor, precise steel gears, and high-abrasive strengthen piston. Those make VFC AK-74 series can
continuing to shoot more than ten thousand BB Bullets. VFC AK-74 series are definitely the outstanding air soft.

Other features include:
‧CNC one piece outer barrel.
‧Steel flash hider, could be take off and fitted with exclusive sound suppressor.
‧Skeleton stock could be foled to shows compactness and dexterousness of assault rifle.
‧Bolt carrier could be opened to maximum position for better adjustment of Hop-Up.
‧The realisitic incomplete disassembly.
‧Scope rail on the left side of receiver is a standard equipment for night battle, compatible with Russian style real scope.

VFC AK-74 series not only successfully solves the AK-74 series problems, but also has creative idea and inventiveness technology, to make players “Perfect Version AK-74” dream come true. Just like Izhmash develops the best defense weapon systems to guarantee security in the frontline, VFC with best quality Electric Air Soft to make every customer’s satisfaction.

VFC SCAR Water Test

Another water test using VFC SCAR..

VFC Limited Edition BAR M1918A2

Evike will be releasing soon this limited edition of BAR M1918A2. Only 20 pieces of this item will be produced. If you are willing to spend $900.00 for this gun, this will make a very good addition to your collection. Estimated Date of Release, December 15, 2007.


Inokatsu or VFC?

Two beauties at your disposal.inokatsum60vn.jpginokatsum60vn10.jpgInokatsu M60VN This is an extremely accurate and high quality full metal M60 AEG. The gun comes completely kitted with a box magazine, fake ammo belt, Ver III Gearbox installed and a really cool military-style wood storage/presentation box. The guns use a Version 3 style mechbox with Inokatsu’s custom machined anodized aluminum motor cage. (Price Tag: $1,475.00)vfcmk43.jpgvfcmk431.jpg VFC MK43 MOD.0The Mk43 Mod0, also known as the M60E4, is the latest variation of the M60. Usually crew-served, this specops M60 was designed for solo operator use and incorporates a host of new generation improvements for superior functionality and reliability to address the previous shortcomings of the M60. The Mk43 Mod0 designation refers specifically to the model developed for the US Navy SEALs and incorporates certain features specific to their needs such as the duckbill flash hider to minimize muzzle flash effects on night vision equipment use. (Price Tag: $1,250.00)You have to buy its Mk43 Full Tune kit to make this monster a masterpiece.CNC cylinder headCNC cylinderCNC POM piston headCNC bearing spring guideCustom 12V 3300mah NiMH BatteryCustom inner cardboard 4500rd ammo box (x 2) – this smaller capacity box is required to make room for the large battery in the ammo pouch.