Customize your M4 S-System

People seems to forget that there are lot of things you can do with your M4 S-System Airsoft AEG. Aside from upgrading the internals, you might want give some style from the outside.

Standard M4 S-System


Upgraded M4 S-System


style_cqb.jpgstyle_all.jpg style_night.jpg

Jing Gong (JG) HK416 Assault Rifle

Another product from Jing Gong (JG) that is making noise around the airsoft market is the JG HK416 assault rifle (est. US$110). This product is of course manufactured in China and has a weight of 5.0 kg. It has a metal gear box and shoots at 370-390 fps out of the box. Some reviews says the gun’s finish is pretty crappy, plastic body as well, and sounded a bit like a babies rattle (hmmm..a typical Jing Gong complaint). But, I don’t have to worry about it if I were you. What are airsoft gunsmiths for anyway?


2516_7.jpg 2516_3.jpg 2516_2.jpg

CXP Rifle by ICS

ICS has released a new concept about the new CXP Rifle. CXP concept rifle has been floating around for some time but no actual information on when this model be available in the market.



Arena FlakJak Goggles (Items For Sale)


The Flakjak Goggle is built around the patented Razorback technology, providing passive (without the use of a fan or batteries) Anti-Fog/ Anti-Dust performance. Provides desert ventilation: maximal filtration for drier, high dust environments. Jungle ventilation: maximal ventilation for extremely humid environments. Standard ventilation: Mid-level filtration & venting for moderately humid environments.

  • Goggle Certified to US Military Ballistic Specifications. Including 78.12-003 Plus certification, MIL-STD-662F(as related to .22 cal., 17 grain, and type 2 fragment simulating projectile.
  • Lens geometry designed for superior field of view and maximum visibility. All Lenses UVA and UVB protection.
  • Proprietary foam seal system designed to keep moisture out of your eyes and to provide extended performance life.
  • Buckle management Retention Fastner (BMRF) provides quick change performance for strap replacement even in the most demanding environments.
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    Cleaning an Airsoft Gun

    Cleaning an airsoft gun often confuses many airgun users. Many ask if precision airsoft guns require periodic maintenance. Yes, an airsoft gun does require a certain amount of upkeep. In fact an airsoft gun should be maintained the same way that you would maintain a firearm.

    Now, that last statement is what confuses many airsoft gun users. There are differences and similarities between an airsoft gun and a regular firearm. A precision airsoft gun is not related mechanically to firearms the airsoft gun still requires general maintenance that closely resembles pneumatic tools or automotive shock absorbers.


    An airsoft gun cleaning kit is a must have for airgun owners. An airsoft gun cleaning kit can be purchased for fewer than fifteen dollars. The maintenance kit is perfect for use with an airsoft gun. The kit comes with a barrel brush, cleaning rods, a jag and a barrel mop.

    When cleaning airsoft guns never use petroleum lubricants or a strong solvent. The only thing that should be used in the regular upkeep of the airgun is a damp, soft cloth to clean the exterior of the gun.

    You should also use one hundred percent silicone oil spray to clean the barrel of the airsoft gun. The maintenance of the internal gearbox mechanisms should be performed by a professional. It is important not to soak the airsoft gun in any sort of water or lubricants.

    Airsoft guns require a minimal amount of cleaning. The one part of the gun that should be cleaned regularly is the barrel. To clean the barrel take a cleaning rod and thread a patch through the slit of the airsoft gun’s barrel.

    The gearbox of the gun should be cleaned and relubricated every six month period. This should be done by a professional. By following these airsoft gun cleaning tips you will ensure that your gun lasts for a longtime.

    To clean your airsoft in a nutshell, follow these simple 5 steps:
    1. Turn off your airsoft gun.
    2. Remove the battery or gas tank.
    3. Wipe down the barrel, magazine, and exterior parts.
    4. Use cotton swabs for the tough dirt.
    5. Your finished cleaning your airsoft gun.

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    JG G36C


    G36C Electric Airsoft Gun. JG airsoft guns are rapidly becoming a player favorite for good reason. If you are looking for a complete package at an affordable price, this will put a smile on your face. These are the closest Marui “clones” that I have seen. Metal gear box, steel gears, metal barrel, metal trigger, metal sights, high cap mag, battery and charger included, shooting around 350fps … these guns are well worth the cost.

    On the other hand, if you think G36c looks dull, you can make some necessary upgrades to pimp it up…


    ICS SIG 551

    ICS will soon release ICS SIG 551 All-Metal Assault Rifle which they promised to be a perfect replica of SIG Arms 551. Check the pictures below for more details.