King Arms Galil SAR

King Arms Galil SAR

King Arms Galil SAR

King Arms will release this month their latest AEG with Blowback capability. The new King Arms Galil SAR boast with the following features.

1. Special designed Bolt Carrier Operating Mechanism to simulate a real firearm blowback action.
2. It has a special battery cylinder that can store AK type battery up to 1400mah 12V.
3. Retract or extend the side folding stock by pushing the stock downward and then swing to the right side of the AEG.
4. Realistic Steel Dummy Selector
5. The front and rear sights can be flipped up or down for better aiming in dark environment.
6. Nylon Fiber handguard
7. 7mm bearing bushings

Note: No info on price yet.

The New King Arms Galil will come out with four different designs and accessories. See photo below

Other designs for King Arms Galil and Accessories

Other designs for King Arms Galil and Accessories

For more information visit King Arms website

King Arms L1A1 AEG

King Arms L1A1

Another new product from King Arms Armament. The L1A1 Assault Rifle. This gun features the following items:

  • Full metal AEG
  • 7mm bearing gear box
  • Special designed Bolt Carrier Operating Mechanism
  • Fire mode: safe / semi-suto / full-auto
  • Capable to store up to 12V battery
  • 90rds magazine included
  • Weight: 3.10kg
  • Length: 107cm
  • King Arms VlTOR CASV M4 CQB and CASV M4A1

    King Arms own version of the CASV M4 CQB and CASV M4A1. Just click on the images to see full details.

    King Arms M4 CQB, M4A1

    King Arms CASV M4 CQB

    King Arms CASV M4A1


    King Arms latest release. TROY A3 CQB.  Please see below for product details and description.





    Details of the TROY CQB A3 Compact AEG
    # Full Metal AEG
    # 7mm Bearing Gear Box Used.
    # 7″ Free Floating Forearm Rail System
    # 10.5″ One Piece Outer Barrel
    # Bolt Lock System
    # 300 Rds Magazine Included
    # Weight: 2.8kg
    # Length: 67-75cm