Inokatsu M4 “Gas Blowback”

Inokatsu released a couple of videos of their New M4/M16 Gas Blowback in action.

Inokatsu AKS-74U and M4 SOPMOD PTWs

Inokatsu released their C02 versions of the Masterworks P.T.W AKS-74U and M4 SOPMOD. These aegs has metal and plastic construction and weighs around 3.0kg. No detail on pricing yet.


Inokatsu released their C02 versions of the Masterworks P.T.W SCAR L MK 16 MODO and STEYR AUG. These aegs has metal and plastic construction and weighs around 3.0kg. No detail on pricing yet.

Inokatu Israeli Galil AR (2007)



Another 2006-2007 release from Inokatsu worth mentioning is the ever popular Galil AR. This is a pricey gun at 1,530USD for the full complete AEG and 1,120USD for the kit. Hmmm.. why did they even bother making the AR version in the first place? The SAR and the ARM are THE classic versions of the Galil – and are used by the South Africans, the Columbians, the Estonians and several other countries as well.

Inokatsu’s AKS74U (2007)


This is Inokatsu’s 2007 version of the AKS74U, the Ak74UBK which was released late last year. The Ak7U has been widely used by the Russian Special Forces and by KGB Special Troops.

Inokatsu Clavate Lithium Batteries (anti-explosive)


Inokatsu announced that several of this year’s models (M60E3, AKM, AKMS, GALIL, AIMS, AK103, AK74SU, RPK) will be bundled with wooden box, Lithium Polymer battery with “anti explosive” circuit and gearbox. So does this mean, Lipo batteries really blow up? Judge for yourself.

This is a video showing what happens if you overcharge a Lipo battery. The battery pack in the video is a 2 cell 4000mah lipo which was part of a 3 cell battery for an R/C helicopter which went bad so they decided to overcharge the two cells to show how dangerous Lipo batteries can be if something goes wrong.

Inokatsu or VFC?

Two beauties at your disposal.inokatsum60vn.jpginokatsum60vn10.jpgInokatsu M60VN This is an extremely accurate and high quality full metal M60 AEG. The gun comes completely kitted with a box magazine, fake ammo belt, Ver III Gearbox installed and a really cool military-style wood storage/presentation box. The guns use a Version 3 style mechbox with Inokatsu’s custom machined anodized aluminum motor cage. (Price Tag: $1,475.00)vfcmk43.jpgvfcmk431.jpg VFC MK43 MOD.0The Mk43 Mod0, also known as the M60E4, is the latest variation of the M60. Usually crew-served, this specops M60 was designed for solo operator use and incorporates a host of new generation improvements for superior functionality and reliability to address the previous shortcomings of the M60. The Mk43 Mod0 designation refers specifically to the model developed for the US Navy SEALs and incorporates certain features specific to their needs such as the duckbill flash hider to minimize muzzle flash effects on night vision equipment use. (Price Tag: $1,250.00)You have to buy its Mk43 Full Tune kit to make this monster a masterpiece.CNC cylinder headCNC cylinderCNC POM piston headCNC bearing spring guideCustom 12V 3300mah NiMH BatteryCustom inner cardboard 4500rd ammo box (x 2) – this smaller capacity box is required to make room for the large battery in the ammo pouch.

Inokatsu Galil ARM

Another weapon that I want to add to my arsenal is this beauty, the Inokatsu Galil ARM.inogalilarm0.jpginogalilarm1.jpgThis girl packs the following features:Lipo Polymer Battery with Charger SetComplete AEG — not a kitFull CNC milled Steel Metal BodyFolding BipodFolding Metal StockUnique Serial NumbersVersion 3 GearboxAK Type Hop Up UnitUses AK MagazinesHigh Power MotorEstimated Price: $ 1,500.00