ARES M200 Gas Powered Sniper Rifle

Ares' Cheytac Intervention M200

Ares' Cheytac Intervention M200

Another kick-ass Sniper Rifle from ARES Airsoft , the Cheytac Intervention M200.  This huge airsoft gun weighs 8650g and 1240-1390mm in length might be one of the longest sniper rifle out there. Check video below or full review of this monster here.

Marushin KAR98 Sporter

This is a “kick-ass” rifle from Marushin — The KAR98 Sporter. With its realistic shell ejecting mechanism, this gas operated rifle is even better than the Tanaka or STAR Rifles. With its 600mm (~24″) barrel it would be a sniper rifle by today’s standards. According the RedWolf Airsoft Reviews, the ammo can be loaded into the magazine of the rifle one by one, or with the help of a clip if you’re in a hurry and need the convenience. One gas charge is enough for dozens and dozens of shots, so you’ll be reloading the rifle quite a few times before you have to wake up from the immersion in the game, and grab the gas bottle. Quite impressive. See full review.

The scope mount blocks the stripper clip, but the large shells are easy to handle even when separated.

The scope mount blocks the stripper clip, but the large shells are easy to handle even when separated.

Atoz-Head KM SVD Dragunov


Atoz-Head Dragunov is powerful and highly realistic airsoft sniper rifle and is result of Korean/Japanese manufacturing collaboration. Features real wood furniture, metal build and gearbox-like central unit for the mechanism.

Other features include, scope eye relief cover, adjustable sight elevation windage, functional firing selector and iron sights.

Lenght: 1210mm
Weight: 2950g
Magazine capacity: 25 BBs
Muzzle velocity: 86.5m/s with 0.20g BB

Est Price: $1,030.00



This is a one of a kind sniper rifle – The KJW M700 Gas Powered Sniper Rifle. This gun shoots up to 550 FPS pre-upgraded and 600 plus FPS when upgraded. Built in scope rail, QD front sight and takes green gas. This bolt rifle is very light and very easy to pull. This is currently one of the strongest high power airsoft gun KJW have to offer.

Star AW .338 Sniper Rifle

Most Detailed AW Super Magnum replica in the world, Gas Powered, its gas system is something like a improved Tanaka System. POWERFUL!! Manufacturer stated power: 350 ~ 380fps (134A & 0.2g BB) M3 Replica Scope (shown in photo), Scope Mount and Bipod included.saa-aw338-l.jpg