CA SA M-7 Classic “Sportline”

Another item that’s up for grabs this June 2008 is the new Classic Army SA-M7 Sportline Series assault rifle. Like the SAS-M7 Sportline series aeg, the SAS-M7 too has metal outer barrel, front sight and rear sight and packs a 600 rounds magazine. But, this gun has a fix butt to accommodate larger batteries. Now you can chose between a lipoly or the standard NiCad batteries. It has a high-torque motor plus a real arsenal logo.

Classic Army SAS M-7

SAS M7 Classic

The SAS M-7 Classic “Sportline” will be out by June 2008 and will have the following features:
– Metal Outer Barrel, Front sight and rear sight
– High Precision Metal Gearbox
– Adjustable Hop-up System
– 600 Rounds High Cap Magazine
– High Tourque Motor

New Classic Army MP5 A2/A3 Metal Body Sportline

The New Classic Army MP5 Series. Now with Metal Body.

New Classic Army “Sportline” M15A4 (Metal Body)

Classic Army will feature this May 2008 the new version of the Sportline CA M15A4 and CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine. The new M15A4’s will now have a metal body, removable carry handle with metal rear sights, metal working cock handle and bolt cover, metal barrel and front sights, and a high torque motor.

Classic Army M15A4 “Sportline” (New Version)

Classic Army will soon release a “new version” of the Sportline CA M15A4.  Given date is end of this month. No given details on specs and features.




Classic Army (CA) MP5A3 Sportline


Classic Army will soon release its new Sportline MP5A3 “Wide Forearm”.


  • Real B&T Logo
  • High Torque Motor
  • High Cap Magazine (200 rounds)
  • Metal Front and Rear Sights
  • Movable Cocking Lever
  • High Precision Metal Gearbox

Classic Army “Sportline Series” M15A4 – FULL REVIEW

Multiple reviews of the Classic Army Sportline M15a4. Include internals, externals and performance test. A review by real Airsoft Repair Techs.