2008 Jing Gong M4 AEGs

UPDATED: Jing Jong recently released its 2008  “All-Metal” version of the M4A1. Please check HERE.

These items has been upgraded to 410-430 fps (personally tested this item using 11.1v lipoly battery @ exactly 410fps – stock), one-piece barrel and has a black gearbox. See photo below. (call 09225479078 – Flash)




JG M4 S-System

New Version A&K M4 S-System

Not to be outgunned by Jing Gong, A&K released their 2008 M4 S-System version. Like JG, the A&K M4 S System version 2 shoots at around 410-420 fps (tested) “stock” with metal bushings and has its markings now. (call 09225479078 – Flash)


Customize your M4 S-System

People seems to forget that there are lot of things you can do with your M4 S-System Airsoft AEG. Aside from upgrading the internals, you might want give some style from the outside.

Standard M4 S-System


Upgraded M4 S-System


style_cqb.jpgstyle_all.jpg style_night.jpg

A&K M4 S-Rail System

A&K M4 is one of the best AEG’s on the market for the money. For the advanced and beginner player, this AEG offers a whopping 280 fps out of the box and will handle upgrades due to having a metal gearbox.


The AEG weighs in at 5.70 lbs. offering a full size 1:1 scale Tokyo Marui clone. (metal sights and barrel) and exceeds all expectations for the money. The A&K M4S includes many accessories and are compatible with all M4 magazines on the market today.

Package Includes:

  • A&K M4-S (Ver. 2)
  • Manual
  • 68rd Magazine (Metal)
  • BB Thumb Loader
  • Cleaning Rod
  • 100 BB’s
  • Mini Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Why A&K?

    A&K is considered to be an entry level airsoft gun manufacturer. However, they have some features that even manufactures like Tokyo Marui do not have, such as one-piece outer barrels and delta rings. One of the most affordable entry level AEG on the market.

    ak_system2.jpgA&K M4 S System


    First Impressions

    We purchased an A&K M4 S-System just the other day and we were impressed on what we saw. This item is lighter than DBoys M4 CASV. It shipped with an 8.4v 1100mah mini battery and charger, cleaning rod, .2 BBs, hi-cap mag, front sight adjustment tool and blaze orange muzzle protector. We were surprised when we picked it up for the first time. No flex to speak of, and the sights are top notch, with both a long range precision and close combat peep.

    Not the typical cheap AEG

    Metal. Metal everywhere. A lot of the RIS parts are constructed of metal. The outer barrel, which seems to be one piece, is all metal. The sights are metal. The buffer tube and charging handle are metal. So is the dust cover. At first glance, even looks alone say “Not cheap”. The only detractor there is the A&K stuff on the side of the lower receiver. The receiver (both upper and lower) is plastic, and looks like the same stuff TM uses. The hop up is located under a faux bolt which is exposed by pulling the charging handle to release the dust cover. The 6 position collapsible stock, while nice looking, is a tad loose on the buffer tube. Although we haven’t torn it down yet, the gearbox is definitely a TM style metal gearbox, and this thing is absolutely 100% TM compatible.