Classic Army SCAR Light AEG Airsoft Gun

If I were to purchase an AEG today, i would buy this item asap. This new addition from Classic Army is one of the hottest sellers right now. A limited offer from Classic Army. CA SCAR has a unique look and design. Quality construction with unique serial number. Some internal features included: Bearing Spring Guide, Bearing Piston Head, Sealed Nozzle & Cylinder. Works with almost all AR mags except G&P 130 midcaps, G&G Thermold, AMP Tactical Hicaps and the TM Type 89 magazine. What a beauty!!!


Classic Army SCAR Light AEG Airsoft Gun– Velocity: 300-350 FPS (0.2 g BB)- Capacity: 300 Rounds- Metal Charging Handle- 7mm Metal Bearing Gear Box- Metal Flip up Front & Rear Sight- CNC made Metal Upper Receiver- Fiber Lower Receiver & Retractable Folding Stock

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  1. […] Classic Army SCAR Light AEG Airsoft GunClassic Army SCAR Light AEG Airsoft Gun. – Velocity: 300-350 FPS (0.2 g BB) – Capacity: 300 Rounds – Metal Charging Handle – 7mm Metal Bearing Gear Box – Metal Flip up Front & Rear Sight – CNC made Metal Upper Receiver … […]

  2. That picture is of a VFC SCAR-L, which is much better detail wise, and more expensive. You can tell because in the upper right it says VegaForce Company, which stands for VFC.

    Id recommend changing your picture. And just an update – both Classic Army and VFC, as well as many other companies are just coming out with the SCAR-H, a better version (in many peoples opinion) of the SCAR.

    Thanks for the correction, we have change the picture as suggested. We will be posting the new version of SCAR in the near future. Please check back.

  3. What is the price, please?



  5. how does this work, is it like a forum where you just wtb/trade/sell? err…?

    Hello, sorry but we don’t ship outside the philippines

  6. I don’t know who thinks this is an airsoft rifle but they need to look again. First, airsoft rifles wouldn’t carry a grenade launcher seeing how you can use them. Expecially 20mm or 40mm grenades. Second, the barrel is of a 16″ barrel with a folding stock and comes with an M-16 muzzle flash break as well. Most airsoft rifles don’t do that. Third, it’s got a hundred round drum fitting the 5.56x45mm…aren’t airsoft rifles small beads and use spring feed clips that you have to reload into a small circular hole? Another thing is that the SCAR-L in the picture has silencers too? If you’re playing with airsoft rifle, it isn’t like you need on. So who every placed this blog and picture needs to re-trace their steps and look again.

  7. Hi!
    i am Chinese,
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  8. yah the scar is nice but if your looking for a really good assult gun go for the P90x-tr or somthing in the g36 line

  9. SRCivic98, you might not know this but airsoft guns are suppose to resemble actual guns . the grenade launcher fires hundreds of 6mm bbs at once . the drum mag carrys more bbs then a regular clip . adn the scilencer is also fo authentic replication .

  10. hey i was just looking at the maniual and all the papers becouse i just got the gun and i cant find the battery charging time??? can any one help me out??
    What type of battery you are using?

  11. Well, This is a very interesting.. I will tell my friend and I’m so sure that they will like this.

  12. Linda tenho uma! Só que a minha é de paintball.

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