Urban Assault GunShip P90TR AEG Airsoft Gun

I was wondering why are they calling this AEG “The Gunship”. Well, the picture below speaks of itself. With laser-like accuracy and a mind-blowing cyclic rate, the P90 is the weapon of choice for CQB engagements. Currently used by Special Forces and Tac Teams, this gun is capable of dishing out a severe dose of authority. When you need a compact, maneuverable, fast, light, and dependable weapon for taking control of a building or room – introduce yourself to the top dog …. the P90. Available at Trinity Airsoft.gunship1.jpgFeatures:
Tokyo Marui P90TRMarui P90 mock Silencer
AS 115 Stainless Spring Upgrade
Systema Metal Bushings Ver 6
Systema Metal Shim Set
Re-inforced Spring Guide w/ Bearings
Re-inforced Piston Head w/ Bearings
Systema Ver 6 Re-inforced Piston
KM Head 430mm Tightbore Inner Barrel
Laylax P90 Box Mag System
LayLax P90 RAS (full metal)ICS HiCap 400rd Magazine
AMP Advanced Reflex Sight
AMP Laser / Flashlight Combo
Hurricane P90 Stock Extension
FPS: 390 Chrono

Price: A whopping $ 1,090.00

2 Responses

  1. my opion is you should sell your p90 for 3,500 because at Cebalas you can get regular p90 for about 1,000.

    • you can buy a P90 at airsplat.com for $30. its electric, has a silencer, ammo, goggles, and red dot sight. im going to get it for x-mas

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