CA SA M-7 Classic “Sportline”

Another item that’s up for grabs this June 2008 is the new Classic Army SA-M7 Sportline Series assault rifle. Like the SAS-M7 Sportline series aeg, the SAS-M7 too has metal outer barrel, front sight and rear sight and packs a 600 rounds magazine. But, this gun has a fix butt to accommodate larger batteries. Now you can chose between a lipoly or the standard NiCad batteries. It has a high-torque motor plus a real arsenal logo.

“Open-Chrono” Battle, FRAG vs CAG II

FRAG and CAG met the second time around at Camp Lauriel yesterday May 25. Now without chrono limit. Most AEG’s used during the game chronod around 460-520fps. Here are some pics.



Cincfrag's Goggles

Lauriel, Carlo and Marshall DaveFRAG and CAG joint forcesFRAG and CAG MembersArmi with CAG member
Photos by CINCFRAG.

ICS AK74M (Second Generation)

The ICS AK74M Kalashnikov is a brand new designed assault rifle from ICS. It is improved from the previous version of ICS AK74. In order to provide more choices and perfect guns to its customers, ICS discards the plastic internal and external body design. This new productions has the same production process of the real AK74, steel stamping. ICS also utilizes precision lost wax casting materials to increase similarity to the real rifle.

Dboys SC01 SCAR-L

Presenting the new DBOYS SC01 SCAR-L Assault Rifle. Manufactured in China and it weighs around 4.5kg. It has an aluminum machined upper receiver and a polymer lower receiver plus a barrel extender. Shoots around 400fps out of the box. More details of this gun soon.

Classic Army MP5K

New Classic Army MP5k comes out with 7mm Bearing Gear Box, A3 lower receiver, bearing spring guide, gearing piston, and sealed bore-up cylinder. Plus a real B&T Logo with unique serial number. Check this out coming June 2008.

M14 Sopmod New Version

Star Airsoft Accessories new M14 Sopmod. This beauty packs the following features:

– Length: 830 ~ 980
– Material: Aluminum Alloy + CNC Body
– Battery: Can Hold 9.6v 1700mAh
– Realistic Marking

By clicking on the photo above, you will appreciate the beauty and details of this gun.

Classic Army SAS M-7

SAS M7 Classic

The SAS M-7 Classic “Sportline” will be out by June 2008 and will have the following features:
– Metal Outer Barrel, Front sight and rear sight
– High Precision Metal Gearbox
– Adjustable Hop-up System
– 600 Rounds High Cap Magazine
– High Tourque Motor