FRAG Ireland Bags 2nd At Take Aim Competition 2009

Team FRAG Ireland concluded its participation at the 2nd TAKE AIM COMPETITION which was held last 28-29 November 2009 at Moyvalley Hotel Adventure Park.

This event is an annual All Ireland Airsoft competition. It is participated by Ireland’s airsoft finest teams and other invited international guests. This is the 2nd time that FRAG Dublin participated in this competition. Being the only Filipino group in the event,  FRAG fielded  3 teams namely, Tallaght Team, Cellbridge-Lucan Team and Dublin Team.

Of the 3 Teams only Tallaght Team qualified the elimination round. There were 4 scenarios in the competition: – CQB/Urban Warfare – Woodland Assault – Hill Assault – Bunker Assault

At the end of the day,  the Russian Federation Airsoft Team grabbed 1st Place while FRAG Tallaght earned 2nd place and a Team from Northern Ireland got the 3rd place.

FRAG Ireland Plays For Charity

Force Recon Airsoft Group – Ireland, organized an airsoft event for the benefit of those who were affected by super typhoon “Ondoy” which brought a month’s worth of rainfall to Metro Manila and nearby areas in just a few hours, causing severe flooding which resulted in the loss of many lives and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Eight days later, Typhoon “Pepeng” struck the northern regions causing more damage. Kudos to FRAG Ireland for this generous activity. Check their video below: ( video transcripts are written in Tagalog)

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FRAG Ireland “Tribute” Video

Check out FRAG Ireland’s new kick-ass video “Tribute”. Kudos to our sister team.

FRAG Dublin @ Camaraderie Cup

FRAG Dublin during Camaraderie Cup at Dublin, Ireland last October 17, 2008.

FRAG Dublin – InDepth

by: FRAG-Dublin Enrico Pobre

FRAG Dublin Night Games

FRAG Dublin Night Games

Home is a very profound word but for us Filipinos living outside the Philippines would mean the whole world to us. It may not be amenable to every one but wherever we are, whatever part of the world we may be, we try so hard to live a kind of life closes to home. And one way to live like you’re home is to be in an environment where you can spend time with your KABABAYAN’s. A Filipino peer would always make you feel you’re in the Philippines especially when you talk in same language, gobble common Filipino food and share common interest.  Continue reading