G&G RK Beta

G&G RK BetaG&G RK Beta

G&G RK Beta

I love G&G products. I have been using the  G&G RK104 Evo for quite a time and it has not failed me during  team skirmishes and tournaments. According to some reviews the new RK Beta is a solid gun, inside and out, and you wouldn’t expect anything less. The full metal body acts as a foundation for the polymer stock and front hand guards, the result is an extremely solid and realistic AEG. It’s muzzle velocity is 350-370 FPS and 600 rounds Magazine capacity.

Estimated Price: US $320-330

Coming Soon from G&G Armament

G&G Romania RK Series

G&G Mock Silencer and Flash Supressors

G&G G MP5A5 Retractable Stock

G&G RK103/104 EVO



The RK 103 and 104 EVO’s are probably Guay and Guay’s (G&G) best AEG’s to date. Users will adore the external cosmetic details. The gearbox is a faithful copy of the Marui version 3 gearbox. The gun looks good, and it shoots as well as a TM AK.