A Year Ago…

On Monday, October 06, 2008, the video below will be a year old.

We, the members of Force Recon Airsoft are strengthened by our courage, heartened by our values, and borne by this great achievement. We will continue to stand for the ideals for which we believed.


The First Force Recon Airsoft - CDO

The First Force Recon Airsoft - CDO

In this photo: Niel M., Bobby L., Mike M., Ed T., Jeremy C., Armi T.

FRAG IN REVIEW 2007-2008

One Response

  1. I am an ambitios 15 Year old, playing airsoft since about 2007. I have been intently reading and following your airsoft movments for a while now. Let me just say, as a fellow airsofter, I have a lot of respect for your team. You are so much more professional then me but (to my hopes) my rag-tag team is on the way to more-then-rag-tag stadus.
    Thanks for the isperation you guys

    Drew H of the U.S.A.

    Hey thanks and goodluck too =)

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