“Open-Chrono” Battle, FRAG vs CAG II

FRAG and CAG met the second time around at Camp Lauriel yesterday May 25. Now without chrono limit. Most AEG’s used during the game chronod around 460-520fps. Here are some pics.



Cincfrag's Goggles

Lauriel, Carlo and Marshall DaveFRAG and CAG joint forcesFRAG and CAG MembersArmi with CAG member
Photos by CINCFRAG.

6 Responses

  1. ang iba naman kahit sa mask mo na tinatamaan.. pipi parin… tsk tsk tsk… its like “if hindi masakit, NO hit!”

    Well, i agree with you. But I think both teams are at fault here. There are even players who does not follow instructions as well, like no blind-firing or firing between obstacles. As long as there is no enough marshals to ref the game, things like these will continue.

  2. anyways… i enjoyed the game… hahahaahha…… sauulitin…

  3. enjoyed the game… nice sniper rifle ni sir cincfrag… anyne knows where can i purchase a sniper rifle?

    You must be referring to Marshall Dave. It’s a customized sniper rifle. Cincfrag was using an ICS M4A1

  4. ahhh… yung na sa pic cincfrag ata naka lagai.. ow.. so can i purchase a sniper rifle? customize it later on…

    What kind of sniper rifle?

  5. yung na sa pic sa flicker… the only sniper rifle shown dun sa pic ng frag games sa flicker.. yung pic ng 2 guys( cincfrag and a boy)… tnx..

    Ahh.. JG BAR 10 at 570fps.

  6. pssible price and where to order sir?


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