FRAG Implements New “Strict” Rules during Gameplays

The Force Recon Airsoft Group – Cagayan de Oro, PH – Board of Directors and its members discussed last night at Southwinds Hotel, important issues regarding “strict” game safety rules and other regulations which will be implemented next gameday. Other topics such as a proposed tournament and the Philippine National Police Airsoft Gun and Team Registration which prompted the organization to “halt” temporarily its recruitment were also discussed.

New Rules for F.R.A.G. Games


New Game Site Rules for F.R.A.G.: (Camp Lauriel)

1. All guns must pass through the chono test for classification.

2. Guns with a chrono reading above 410 fps will be tagged with a yellow tape on the barrel.

3. Guns tagged as yellow cannot go beyond or into designated areas with yellow flags or marks.

4. Violators will automatically be DISQUALIFIED for that game.

5. All other guns with chrono reading below 410 fps will have no tags and can move anywhere.

6. Guns with the fps below 410 are the only ones allowed to enter the kill house.

These rules were formulated to avoid unnecessary injuries to players. These rules will only apply to Camp Lauriel. With our new game site structures, we have to be strict in implementing them. Lets all have fun and enjoy the hobby we love.

President Bobby