KWA M4 S-System, built for lipoly


KWA USA announced this week the release of KWA KM4S-Tactical, a variant of the highly successful KM4A1 LiPo-Ready AEG.

The KM4S-Tactical sports a skeletal fore grip made with impact resistance polymer and alloy rails. The skeletal fore grip can accommodate a variety of batteries including an 8.4V 7-cell NiMh mini battery pack. Full metal, adjustable flip-up front and rear sights are used to maintain the streamline look of the gun. Like the KM4A1, the KM4S-Tactical is equipped with a reinforced, high performance metal gearbox and is LiPo-ready when you are. Performance specs match those of the KM4A1.

* Results are based on tests conducted with 11.1v 1500mAh LiPo batteries. Individual test results may vary depending on brand and specs of power source, bbs, and chronograph used.

New Version A&K M4 S-System

Not to be outgunned by Jing Gong, A&K released their 2008 M4 S-System version. Like JG, the A&K M4 S System version 2 shoots at around 410-420 fps (tested) “stock” with metal bushings and has its markings now. (call 09225479078 – Flash)