How to use ICS Forward Assist Function the Right Way.

I have noticed that there are a good number of ICS M4’s users lately. But many of us still doesn’t know when or how to use this useful function the right way. I am going to post important and helpful tips about the Forward Assist Function which ICS published in there website. The full context of this of this topic can be view here.

ICS Forward Assist Button

1. Although AEGs is a toy gun, we still apply the norm of real gun on airsoft gun. We have to unload airsoft gun first after shooting or combat.
2. When we don’t use the airsoft gun, we have to release the magazine and change fire mode to semi-auto. Point the gun toward safety area and clean the pellets remaining in barrel by shooting two ~ three times. Then push the forward assist knob to release piston and spring.
3. Pushing the forward assist knob when the fire mode is still in auto may cause the broken piston. As it mention above that there are four possible stop points of the piston after automatic shooting. If the piston happens to be at the forth position and players push the forward assist knob, No.3 gear will reverse too fast because of the inertia and rebound which result from the tension of spring. The reversing No.3 gear will hit the last teeth of piston and may break it. This situation gets worse with more powerful spring setting.
4. The proper way to use forward assist are first, release the magazine, Second, Point the gun toward safety shooting area and clean the pellets remaining in barrel by shooting two ~ three times. Finally push the forward assist knob to release piston and disassembly battery plug. Then store your airsoft gun into carrying bag. Forward assist knob is not for using at any moment. The proper timing of using forward assist knob is after shooting or combat and all the unloaded processes are done.

For more info about ICS Foward Assist, please click here.

Inokatsu AKS-74U and M4 SOPMOD PTWs

Inokatsu released their C02 versions of the Masterworks P.T.W AKS-74U and M4 SOPMOD. These aegs has metal and plastic construction and weighs around 3.0kg. No detail on pricing yet.

King Arms VlTOR CASV M4 CQB and CASV M4A1

King Arms own version of the CASV M4 CQB and CASV M4A1. Just click on the images to see full details.

King Arms M4 CQB, M4A1

King Arms CASV M4 CQB

King Arms CASV M4A1

Systema M4A1 PTW 3rd Generation

The 3rd generation Systema Professional Training Weapon (PTW). PTW-series feature hiqh quality full metal body with 1:1 sizing, most realistic takedown mechanism in electric guns, quick-change cylinderical piston unit and real size magazines. In this M4A1 version stock is Special Forces favored crane-stock with special internal space for battery.

Est Price: $1,200.00


Video Review:

M4A1 to M733

Tired of your M4A1 design? Make it short to have a newer look — like an M733!!



The XFire M4A1 barrels are shorter (70 mm) than normal outer barrel. For M4A1(Old & New) .14mm Negative screw. This barrel size is as same as the M733. Made of Duralmin to make it light but strong. All machined. One piece Model. Inner barrel size is 303mm. The barrel of the Xfire is kinda “fat”, for durability. So you need to remove/detach your fuse holder.

KWA M4A1, built for lipoly


The KWA KM4A1 Carbine is the first production AEG engineered specifically for the unparalleled performance of today’s advanced battery technology – Lithium Polymer (LiPo). LiPo batteries provide higher capacity and superior performance surpassing the more common Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) batteries. However, this powerful battery requires the highest quality of internal components. To handle the extra power of LiPo batteries, the KM4A1 is equipped with a reinforced metal gearbox utilizing KWA’s exclusive 8 and 9 mm ball bearing bushing combination and case hardened, precision metal gear sets. Heavy duty springs and high-torque motors are matched for optimum results. High-grade metal alloy are used for the production of the upper and lower receivers.The KWA KM4A1 Carbine was engineered to outperform the competition, offering ultra high performance and dependability straight out of the box!

* Results are based on tests conducted with 11.1v 1500mAh LiPo batteries. Individual test results may vary depending on brand and specs of power source, bbs, and chronograph used.

Dismantle and Assemble your AEG V2

Breakdown of how to take apart airsoft gun AEG V2 gear box. Very helpful instructional guide on taking apart or dismantling a V2 Airsoft gun mech box. V2 mech box is standard gear box for MP5, M4, M16, M15, AK, airsoft gun AEG’s. etc

Breakdown of how to put back togther airsoft gun AEG V2 gear box. Very helpful instructional guide on putting together or assembling a V2 Airsoft gun mech box