New ICS L85A2

Another good news for ICS users. ICS just release their new L85 with a new innovative gearbox. For product full description and features click here

ICS L85A2 and L86 LSW (Light Support Weapon)

ICS will soon release its much awaited version of the British L85A2 and L86 LSW (Light Support Weapon) this February 2008. No information has been given yet about L86’s features, but L85A2’s can be seen below.


l85-6.jpg l85-8.jpg l85-10.jpg

L86 LSW (Light Support Weapon) l86lsw1.jpg


Soldiers of the Brigade of Gurkhas (above photo) equipped with the L85 rifle and L86 LSW with yellowblank-firing attachment.

ICS L85A2’s new innovation extendable patented gear box, allows M100 spring compress to M120 spring power.

Easy and fast dis/assembling.

Hop-Up: Yes
Initial Velocity: 96-117 m/s
Motor : ICS Turbo 3000
Pellet Capacity:350/450


This is one heavy duty AEG!! It has lots of metal parts bringing it to a hefty 9.5 lbs. The AFV version is the most compact variant of the STAR L85A2 family. It fires at 350 FPS out of the box! The L85A2 AFV includes a 4X full metal Susat Scope and forward grip. This one has the weight and feel of the real thing!aeg_07_1_l.jpgaeg_07_2.jpg