G&G GR16 Blowback

G&G GR 16 Blowback

G&G GR 16 Blowback

The New G&G GR16 AEG sports a Pneumatic Blowback system; a piston driven, gas operated mechanism to better mimic real life bolt actions. It compresses air to move the bolt without adding stress to the gearbox. It comes out with a 450 rounds magazine and 25,000 rpm Long Axis motor. Very impressive.

G&G GR16 R4

Guay Guay Co. Ltd will release released the new GR16 R4.  Features such as Metal Flash Supressor and one-piece barrel, adjustable front sight, rail system, adjustable rear sight, full metal receiver with special forces green berets laser marks, 450-rounds Hi-cap magazine and 6 position tactical stock.