FRAG Implements “NO LICENSE, NO PLAY” Rule

To further elevate airsoft play among its members, effective immediately, the Force Recon Airsoft Group (FRAG) shall implement the “NO LICENSE – NO PLAY” rule.  This is to ensure that all members and guests shall only be playing with airsoft guns that are registered with the Philippine National Police – FESAGS. Inspection of gun license on members and guest will be done during game registration.

July 13 FRAG Game – Major Jun Lagare, Cagayan de Oro’s PNP FESAGs Chief (Right), and FRAG President Bobby Ludeña (LEFT) chat during game break time.

This is on top of the NO BDU – NO PLAY rule that is also observed in all games.

Moreover, guests can only play strictly on an approved INVITATION basis only.

Finally, for an orderly game and to facilitate historic battle simulations in future games, FRAG officers shall only allow a maximum of forty (40) players per engagement, which may include guests, but prioritizing FRAG members.

These measures are taken as FRAG organizers and officers endeavor to establish quality membership, excellent games, and on the overall, a respectable airsoft group.

July 13 FRAG Game – A pinned down Delta Team battles it out against an opposing group.

President Bob’s Delta Team successfully extracts a group of Recon but with heavy casualties.