Systema M4A1 PTW MAX version

This is by far the best airsoft gun out there. You could tell by the price. It’s accurate, powerful, has a nice design, and works great! This is a custom made AEG by Japan Airsoft, so you should specify your preferred FPS or m/s velocity at the time you order this beauty.


Product Overview:

Systema M4A1 Professional Training Weapon MAX version is the ultimate airsoft gun in the market today. The concept of the PTW series has been pushed even further than III Generation with the introduction of ultra real MAX.

Key feature of the PTW MAX:
1. Compatible with all previously released lower velocity (M90-M130) cylinder units, allow for in-field velocity change to match training requirements.
2. Lavish use of steel components (barrel, front sight post, etc.) and further improved high-strength polymer all around.
3. Industrial-specification, quenching-treated gears used all around.
4. 2006 Model “480” high-torque motor.
5. Newly adapted mil-spec strengthening device.
6. Compatible with 12v/1300mAh 2/3 model battery (sold separately) to achieve realistic cyclical rates.
7. Special tuning wherever required.
8. Price Estimate: $1,495.00

Custom AEG: TM G36C 570 fps!



This customized Airsoft Tokyo Marui G36C AEG w/ folding battery stock from ePowersports that shoots 570 fps! Makes a great field weapon – mag holds 50rds.

Custom Modifications

570 FPS!
– ROF: Fast
– 6 lbs. 12 oz.
– 31.5 inches long
– .28 BBs recommended
– G&P Folding Battery Stock
– Full Internal High Power pgrade 570 fps!
– Madbull 363mm 6.03 Inner Barrel
– Foregrip w/ Long RAS Rails & Vertical Grip
– Systema Motor- Mosquito Molds Silencer
– Fully Upgraded Wiring

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