Classic Army Blow back Series!

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CA G36C Blowback

CA G36C Blowback

CA M15 A4 Blowback

CA M15A4 C.Q.B. Compact


739_pi2_cqb1.jpg 739_pi3_cqb2.jpg 739_pi4_cqb3.jpg

Another new item from Classic Army (CA). M15A4 C.Q.B. Compact for close quarter battles (CQB). It has the following features:

  • Rail System
  • Flip-Up Rear Sight
  • Modified Wiring Switch
  • Individual Serial Number
  • Hi Cap Magazine (300 Rd)
  • Easy Disassembly Metal Body
  • 7mm Bearing Metal & New Design Gear Box
  • Bearing Spring Guide and Piston Head
  • Reinforced Parts (Gear Set and Sealed Cylinder)
  • Estimated Price: $310.00