Classic Army 1911 Blow-Back Pistol

Classic Army just released its version of the 1911 blow-back pistol. The CA1911A1 has unique metal casted slide and frame and weighs 1,000.0g. It has a metal adjustable metal hop-up, gas blow-back and a 24+1 round magazine capacity.

Tokyo Marui Government M1911A1 GBB

Hot on heels of KSC M1911A1 Gas Blowback pistol release Tokyo Marui has released its own version of the famed M1911A1 pistol. As with all Tokyo Marui airsoft gun products the M1911A1 gas blowback pistol provides excellent accuracy and reliable performance straight out of the box. It is perfect plug-and-play type airsoft gun that practical and beginner users can appreciate the most. Despite of the plug-and-play ability the Tokyo Marui Colt M1911A1 gas blowback pistol is not simplistic as it consists of 94 individual parts. The disassembly is similar to real M1911A1 and the hammer mechanism is two-position type one. Weighting hefty 798g the Tokyo Marui M1911A1 can be classified as gHeavy Weighth airsoft gun model although luckily such definitions have already started to disappear.

As well as performance wise the Tokyo Marui model differs from KSCfs with its production markings and cosmetic finishing. The Tokyo Marui model has 1943 Colt serial numbering and has grey external finish. In the frame there is also inspector Guy H. Drewry initials (G.H.D) and verified proof and inspectors stamp (gTh). In the grip there is additional proof marking (gPh). More proof markings are located in shell ejection port and upper frame in form of two gPhs and Frank L. Hosmer or Frederick W.Hauff (gHh).

The model serial number is g871072h that is fixed to each and every model. Assembler marking is g76h and model stamping gM1911A1 U.S. Armyh. Ordnance Bomb mark is also present.

Muzzle velocity is 75.5m/s (249 FPS, note: with HFC134a gas) with 0.20g BB providing accurate range of 40 meters.

Technical specifications:
Length: 218mm
Width: 33mm
Weight: 798g
Barrel length: 128mm
Magazine capacity: 26+1
Ammo: 6mm BB 0.20g or 0.25g

WE M1911A1 Pistol



This WE 1911 Single Stack has a metal slide (compatible with the TM 1911) and lower frame. The blow back action is operated by high pressure gas, such as green gas, red gas, or propane. The functional grip safety and slide safety make its operation safe for all users. An attachment point for a retention lanyard has been included to prevent the loss of the gun during high activity. The reinforced metal parts include the outer barrel, chamber, recoil spring rod, slide stop, slide safety, hammer, and trigger. The internal upgrade parts include reinforced recoil spring, hammer spring, firing pin, and a extreme high flow valve.

System: Gas Blow Back
Gas Type: Green Gas / Red Gas / Propane
Muzzle Velocity: 300 to 330fps
Magazine Capacity: 15+1
Package Includes: gun, 2 magazines, and manual

Metal Slide and Frame
Functional Slide Safety
Functional Grip Safety
Metal Barrel and Guide Rod
Attachment Point for Retention Lanyard

Est Price: $ 110.00