New Version A&K M4 S-System

Not to be outgunned by Jing Gong, A&K released their 2008 M4 S-System version. Like JG, the A&K M4 S System version 2 shoots at around 410-420 fps (tested) “stock” with metal bushings and has its markings now. (call 09225479078 – Flash)



Compairing M16A4 AEG’s (A&K, Echo1, JG, TSD)

After over forty years in service, the M16 still remains the standard issue rifle for the U.S. Army. Popularized during the Vietnam era, the M16’s gradual evolution has made it into a rather reliable and capable weapon. These characteristics have provided the world’s armed forces with a strong base for dozens of other variations. Alongside it’s little brother, the M4A1, the M16 remains a hugely popular rifle and is still featured in hundreds of popular military books, films, television shows, and video games.

A&K M16A4 (Price Est. $ 120.00)


Gearbox Type: Type 2
Length: 1001 mm
Accuracy: 120 feet
Muzzle Velocity: 300 fps
Magazine Capacity: 68, 300 rounds
Battery Pack Size: Small battery & Capable of fitting large battery
Package includes: Manual, Standard Magazine, battery, charger, Cleaning Rod, 200 pcs 0.2BBs

One Piece Metal Outer Barrel
Full Stock For Large Battery
Working Charging Handle
Realistic Delta Ring
Ergo Pistol Grip
Removable Carry Handle

Echo1 M16A4 (Price Est. $ 150.00)


Adjustable Rear Sight
Adjustable Hop-Up
Retractable Stock
Handguard Battery Compartment
Counter-Clockwise Threaded Outer Barrel (14mm)

Metal Parts:

Barrel Assembly
Sling Mounts
Charging Handle
Body Pins


Gearbox Type: Type 2
Magazine capacity: 300 rounds
Length: 1001mm
Muzzle Velocity: 330fps
Accuracy: 120 feet
Battery pack size: Large Battery
Package includes: Manual, HI-cap Magazine, Loader, Battery, Charger, Cleaning Rod, 200 pcs 0.2BBs

Jing Gong M16A4 Ver. 2 (Price Est. $ 120.00)


Gearbox Type: Type 2
Length: 1001 mm
Accuracy: 120 feet
Muzzle Velocity: 330 fps
Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds
Battery Pack Size: Large battery
Package Includes: Manual, Magazine, battery, charger, Cleaning Rod, 200 pcs 0.2BBs

Metal Outer Barrel
Full Stock For Large Battery
Working Charging Handle
Metal Hi-Cap Magazine
Removable Carry Handle

TSD Tactial Gen II (SRC) M16A4 (Full Metal) – (Price Est. $ 210.00)


Gearbox Type: V2 Gearbox
Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds
Length: 1001mm
Muzzle Velocity: 330 fps
Accuracy: 120 feet
Battery Pack Size: Largel
Package Includes: Gun, (2) 300 round high-cap magazines,

(2) 300 round High-Cap Magazines
Metal Hop-up Chamber w/ Unique Serial Number
Full Stock
Full Metal Body
Sling Swivel Mounts
Reinforced Gearbox
Steel Gears & Bushings
SRC Ultra-Torque Motor
Ported Piston Head
M110 Spring

Custom-built M4 CQB Part 2

I recently upgraded my A&K M4 CQB just to have fun. Though it is just a “semi-upgrade”, I replaced its built-in spring with a PDI 190 and Guarder Spring Guide. There is no need to change the metal bushing on this, for most A&K units that came out are pre-upgraded with metal bushings. Installed Aimpoint Red/Green Scope and a 2,500 round mechanize A&K C Mag.



Custom-built M4 CQB

You might want to upgrade your stock M4 CQB to something you’ve been lusting for the past weeks.


Customize your M4 S-System

People seems to forget that there are lot of things you can do with your M4 S-System Airsoft AEG. Aside from upgrading the internals, you might want give some style from the outside.

Standard M4 S-System


Upgraded M4 S-System


style_cqb.jpgstyle_all.jpg style_night.jpg

A&K M933

I saw a friend using a customized TM M733 rifle the other week. What struck me most is that the gun looked slick and easy to handle. A plus “A” in CQB situations. I fell in love with it and thought of buying one. Since TM brands are quite expensive, I have to look for other alternatives or clones.

So far, the A&K M933 is the closest to it.



According to some reviews, the A&K M933 shoots very well. The high cap magazine is very well made. The quality is same good as their 7799/ cqb series, the only difference is no railed handguards. It comes with 8.4v mini battery and 300 rd hi cap. Carrying handle is detachable. There is no trigger lag and for the money, you can’t go wrong with this item.

Name: M933
Manufacturer: A&K China
Weight: 4.2 kg with box
Power: 320fps with 0.2g BB
Metal Gear box: Yes
Adjustable Hop up: Yes
TM compatible Hop up: Yes
Hi-Capacity Magazine: Included
Battery and Charger: Included

A&K M4 S-Rail System

A&K M4 is one of the best AEG’s on the market for the money. For the advanced and beginner player, this AEG offers a whopping 280 fps out of the box and will handle upgrades due to having a metal gearbox.


The AEG weighs in at 5.70 lbs. offering a full size 1:1 scale Tokyo Marui clone. (metal sights and barrel) and exceeds all expectations for the money. The A&K M4S includes many accessories and are compatible with all M4 magazines on the market today.

Package Includes:

  • A&K M4-S (Ver. 2)
  • Manual
  • 68rd Magazine (Metal)
  • BB Thumb Loader
  • Cleaning Rod
  • 100 BB’s
  • Mini Battery
  • Battery Charger