GWS Sig-556



Guns Workshop released its custom version of the SIG-556. GWS is an Airsoft retailer based in Hongkong which focused on Airsoft firearms and airsoft accessories.

The GWS SIG-556 has the following features:

1. SIG-556 full metal upper receiver with top mount rail
2. SIG-556 full metal lower receiver with mag release assy
3. New style M4 tactical telestock with metal buffer tube ( buddled with 123a battery case )
4. SIG-556 Fiber/Polymer plastic handguard set with 3 side rails
5. Metal receiver barrel block with steel outer barrel & flash hider

Custom-built M4 CQB Part 2

I recently upgraded my A&K M4 CQB just to have fun. Though it is just a “semi-upgrade”, I replaced its built-in spring with a PDI 190 and Guarder Spring Guide. There is no need to change the metal bushing on this, for most A&K units that came out are pre-upgraded with metal bushings. Installed Aimpoint Red/Green Scope and a 2,500 round mechanize A&K C Mag.



Custom-built M4 CQB

You might want to upgrade your stock M4 CQB to something you’ve been lusting for the past weeks.


“Souping-Up” Your AEG

Below is an example on upgrading your basic “out-of-the-box” AEG and make it look meaner and better.

Model Type: ICS M4 CQB Retractable Stock AEG.


Its basic features are as follows:

  • Weight: 3370g
  • Length: 1025mm
  • Initial Velocity: 90~100m/s
  • Firing Rate: 920BB/m
  • Barrel Length: 515mm
  • – Automatic Airsoft AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) Rifle
  • – 360 fps (0.2 g BB)
  • – Motor: Turbo3000
  • – Hi-Cap Mag: 400 Rounds
  • – Full Metal

Below is the “upgraded and customized” version of the ICS M4 CQB Retractable Stock.



  1. New Turbo 3000 Super Torque Motor.
    Turbo 3000 torque: 3,875
    Turbo 2000 torque: 2,082 (old version)
  2. Precision Cut Reinforced Motor Pinion Gear
  3. Precision Cut Reinforced No. 1 (Bevel) Gear
  4. Steel Bushings, Made of Harden Silicon Alloy
  5. Low Resistance 16-AWG Electric Wire


  1. Laser Point
  2. FIRSCH Style RIS
  3. Flip-up Front Sight
  4. Battery Box
  5. QD Sling Mount
  6. Pistol convert kit

Customize your M4 S-System

People seems to forget that there are lot of things you can do with your M4 S-System Airsoft AEG. Aside from upgrading the internals, you might want give some style from the outside.

Standard M4 S-System


Upgraded M4 S-System


style_cqb.jpgstyle_all.jpg style_night.jpg



G36C Electric Airsoft Gun. JG airsoft guns are rapidly becoming a player favorite for good reason. If you are looking for a complete package at an affordable price, this will put a smile on your face. These are the closest Marui “clones” that I have seen. Metal gear box, steel gears, metal barrel, metal trigger, metal sights, high cap mag, battery and charger included, shooting around 350fps … these guns are well worth the cost.

On the other hand, if you think G36c looks dull, you can make some necessary upgrades to pimp it up…


Systema M4A1 PTW MAX version

This is by far the best airsoft gun out there. You could tell by the price. It’s accurate, powerful, has a nice design, and works great! This is a custom made AEG by Japan Airsoft, so you should specify your preferred FPS or m/s velocity at the time you order this beauty.


Product Overview:

Systema M4A1 Professional Training Weapon MAX version is the ultimate airsoft gun in the market today. The concept of the PTW series has been pushed even further than III Generation with the introduction of ultra real MAX.

Key feature of the PTW MAX:
1. Compatible with all previously released lower velocity (M90-M130) cylinder units, allow for in-field velocity change to match training requirements.
2. Lavish use of steel components (barrel, front sight post, etc.) and further improved high-strength polymer all around.
3. Industrial-specification, quenching-treated gears used all around.
4. 2006 Model “480” high-torque motor.
5. Newly adapted mil-spec strengthening device.
6. Compatible with 12v/1300mAh 2/3 model battery (sold separately) to achieve realistic cyclical rates.
7. Special tuning wherever required.
8. Price Estimate: $1,495.00