Greetings From FRAG IRELAND!

I just received an email from our brothers in Dublin Ireland, congratulating the whole FRAG Community on it’s 2nd Year Anniversary.  Please read below:

Greetings to All the OFFICERS AND MEN OF FRAG CDO / INTERNATIONAL on the occasion of the coming FRAG FOUNDATION DAY. We here in Dublin are all eyes to the developments thereat, and glad to know that a year had again past and may you guys will have more eventful and happy days ahead as you go forward to another year full of surprises and new endeavor , and that we pray that all future plans you have for the entire group will be realized to a much improved and better and WELL-KNOWN FRAG.

We as well here in Dublin just celebrated a belated foundation day last Sunday 30Aug 09, at Limmeric Airsoft Grounds , with friends from that locality and FRAG Dublin members with our families and friends, The culmination of the day was the Informal Induction of the new sets of Officers for 2009-2010 after the skirmishes of the morning. , to which are as follows :

Pressident : Rodolfo Rillera
VPres : Dave Murphy
Sec : Mike Casado
Treasurer : Lito Correos
Auditor : Rhadz Reyes
PRO : Chris Vinzon

That day is also the awarding of medals for the Winning Tms of our 2nd Camraderie Cup namely
Tallaght Tm 2
Tallaght Tm 1
Lucan International Tm
Dublin Tm

Last 09 Aug 09 we also had our All Filipino Airsoft Competition held at Rathbeggan Lakes comprising of 16 10man Tms from around Ireland to which 5 FRAG Tms participated .Out of which emerge only 3 Tms to represent the Filipino Community in the coming All Ireland Airsoft Competition sponsored by Take Aim. The winners were :

Tm Limmeric – 1st Place
Tm Tallaght – 2nd Place (A Frag Unit)
Tm Lucan – 3rd Place (A Frag Unit)

We do hope that with you guys as example we can also put the name of FRAG in high regards in this country bringing the high ideals of Filipino culture and dexterity in every game we play and activities we do , and we thank you all for that as part of our inspiration.

Till then , and HAPPY FRAG DAY

Bong Rillera / Call sign ” Wanderer757″
Tm Tallght FRAG_Dublin

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