Do You Remember Pre-School?

Chaos at the MOG

Chaos at the MOG

As I have been observing my team mates in FRAG and with other airsofters for the past year, I tend to remember pre-school, and have associated it with airsoft minus the AEGs and gears but with the same approach and attitude especially with the treatment of accessories and game play. Here in our country, we do not just purchase an AEG and immediately use it as is. We think of the upgrades whether we purchase a high-end or low-end AEG, it really doesn’t matter. We still dissect the unit and put or replace parts most specifically, the spring to increase its initial velocity. Now, you have a stronger AEG. But you don’t think that you’re the only one doing this. Most players do the same thing, and the upgrades keep going on and on until the replaced parts become half of another AEG that you can easily build. After you’re ultimate AEG upgrade, you now consider dressing up for a game but, you don’t just put on anything that you think is airsoft outfit. You always want to look as close as a soldier as you can get, so you go to the nearest airsoft shop or go on line to purchase the best BDU you can find from USMC digital camo to a Tiger Stripe (most common get-up here), your boots should match your camo so you purchase several pairs or just one with the most blendable color. Then, you now go with the other protective gears. In other countries where velocities are up to a certain not-so-painful limit, they either use protective goggles or just plainly use shades to protect their eyes. Here, the most common face protection is the Sensei mask but because the mask can no longer compensate the high FPS of AEGs, we use paintball masks e.g. JT Full Head mask, V-Force Full Face mask. But, you don’t stop there. Your ultimate get-up includes a SWAT-used set of knee pads and elbow pads, Oakley gloves, and your vest should look good, too. Now, you go to a game site and meet your airsoft buddies thinking that you have the best airsoft gears in your group. Then, you see a team mate who just had his AEG pimped; a reflex scope, laser pointers, folding stock, etc. Another team mate has many things going on with his vest; more mag pouches, pistol holster, knife pouch, Camelbak, etc. You notice the diversity of the players; short guns, long rifles, classic to concept rifles, natural look to bling-blings; you’re there with your “upgraded AEG” caught inside the gray matter.


This also happens in pre-school. As I remember correctly, I used to have a pencil that functions like that of a pistol mag. If the point runs out of lead, you just remove the tip and push it through the back of the pencil and out comes another lead at the tip. It was so cool, and I also have a pencil case made of aluminum that has a built-in pencil sharpener plus I have another sharpener that is located at the foot of a Robotech toy. Very cool! To top all that was a leather back pack with pockets everywhere. I was the coolest student in the class, or so I thought. Upon mingling with my classmates, I noticed that I was not the only one with the hottest gears. I saw pencils that are 2 feet long with 6mm thick leads, pencil cases with almost everything popping out (erasers, magnifying glasses, rulers, etc.), back packs with water jug holders. Man, those were cool.

With the things that are going on in the room, you can’t fail to hear your classmates arguing that his pencil is sharper than his classmate’s. Well, you just have to stab it to something to tell whose is sharper. In an airsoft group, you hear team mates comparing Eotech and G&P reflex scopes. Guys, if you’re wearing paintball masks, believe me, you won’t see the red dot from your scopes. “My pencil writes better than yours.” Aren’t we supposed to look at the penmanship rather than the lead marks? My AEG shoots better than your AEG, yeah like your AEG shoots by itself. “Did you see the range of my gun?” Sure, I did. That’s because you were shooting a mile away from the actual battle field. Man, these things do happen in an airsoft group. I’m not saying it happens in all airsoft groups, but it does happen whether they are verbal about it or simply thinking it.

I would love to hear about people who are good in how they play. It makes me step-up my game when I have team mates who play good, and that are efficient in using their AEGs not just about how their AEGs or they themselves look. But, I guess that’s part of playing airsoft. You want to have the best gears and team to play efficiently. I use a Zombie Killer and I play for FRAG-CDO. See what I mean?

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