VFC AK-105: The Best AK AEG?



Is the new VFC AK-105 the best AK AEG out there? VFC are self-proclaimed champions of making airsoft AEG’s and their recent offering, the AK-105 with blowback, is a prime example of their expertise in making AK’s. So, what makes their AK so special? Check this review from Redwolf Airsoft.

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  1. The best thing about VFC, they give you a very nice “CASE”. I think 1/3 of your money you spend goes to the case alone. 🙂

    VFC do make nice AEG’s: They have nice externals… but for internals… their’s CRAPPIEST components EVER! From a tech perspective, VFC is made for look. If you want performance, stay away and you will thank me later.

    VFC, you u are reading this, we need a reliable gun on the field. We don’t need a nice gun alone just for look. For what you price your AEG’s, it’s over priced when there’s hardly any performance. An airsofter might play with a cheap JG on the field… it’s a JG… however, his JG out perform ANY of your VFC by far.

    Anonymous Tech

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