FRAG Dublin – InDepth

by: FRAG-Dublin Enrico Pobre

FRAG Dublin Night Games

FRAG Dublin Night Games

Home is a very profound word but for us Filipinos living outside the Philippines would mean the whole world to us. It may not be amenable to every one but wherever we are, whatever part of the world we may be, we try so hard to live a kind of life closes to home. And one way to live like you’re home is to be in an environment where you can spend time with your KABABAYAN’s. A Filipino peer would always make you feel you’re in the Philippines especially when you talk in same language, gobble common Filipino food and share common interest. 
A group of Filipinos in Dublin found their way to build that kind of an environment. Each member came from different professions, locations, gender and age group but manages to build camaraderie based on common interest. They all share same interest in the game of AIRSOFT. Airsoft is a combat simulation sport suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. It creates social interactions and could be as mentally challenging as it is physically challenging. It encourages teamwork, builds friendship, a form of exercise, helps us rediscover the great outdoors and is above all great fun*. They call themselves Force Recon Airsoft Group in Dublin – FRAG DUBLIN – a name adopted and originated from FRAG CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY. The founders have extended their generosity in supporting International chapters. One other chapter is in Portugal. It may not be known to everyone but Airsoft started in ASIA. It was legalized here only in Ireland in 2007 and is now widely accepted.

Combat simulation may sound rough and hostile. Ironically, Fun and safety are the core values of the group. It would entail great leadership to run such a group especially with a growing number but leadership comes from within and commitment is the name of the game. The belief of putting one’s heart into the group requires no political governance but rather the conviction of equality and friendship would always prevail.

FRAG Dublin

FRAG Dublin

All work no play makes a dull boy as they say. So once a week they play the game in H.R.T.A. situated in Ballyboughal Co. Dublin. Along with the game comes a small SALO-SALO where everyone would share their pot luck for lunch. This serves as a mini and an informal gathering. At times, Families of each member are spectators and serves as their cheering squads. However, Wives and partners of each member found themselves getting pleasure from just being with each other sharing secrets of happiness, success and how to resolve domestic issues and problems. The site owner on the other hand, is generous enough to spare mini playground for all their children to play and have fun as well.
Different scenario takes place the whole day such as capture the bomb, rolling assault, raise the flag, operation Blackhawk down to name a few. These are Games that would increase the tenacity of each player. But to take a HIT is the most sensitive issue of the game. It would interpret not only the individual’s Integrity but the group as a whole. A HIT is yelled if someone was literally hit by the opposing team. Although there would be Marshalls to judge the game it is imposed to take your hit once hit. Gentleman and sportsman like are the traits a member or a player should always have in and out of the game.

Young and vibrant as they see themselves, young as the group is, they manage to live with objectives and plans for the future. Airsoft is the instrument in the founding of this group. Through test of time the goal of being a SOCIO-CIVIC organization would possibly take place. As of today they are just taking one step at a time. Although the group is fresh and comprised quite a number of members already, initially, team leaders were assigned to head a team. There are 6 teams in the group divided geographically basing where a member resides. Team leaders meet at least once a week to undertake proposals signifying future plans. One of which is the first general assembly which is set on August 30, 2008.

To be a member of Force Recon Dublin sets no boundaries as long as you can commit yourself to the goals and values of the group. Angelito Correos, can be contacted at 087-7878952 or email at for queries and more information.

We might be subdivided by thousands of island, numerous dialects, and religious beliefs. We might have the orientation of a poor political values and influences, economically and financially inept. Involuntarily we withdraw ourselves from such a world because being with each other here in Ireland gives us the realization the beauty of our home, The Republic of the Philippines.

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