Inhibitions 1: Getting Started – Airsoft terms? Or Simply Phrases We’re Used to Saying.

Ever since we started playing airsoft, we always encounter phrases, uttered by most airsofters, that we often regard to as “airsoft terms,” if there is such a thing – phrases that only those who play the sport understand. A very simple example of this is: for a first time airsofter, who is about to purchase his first AEG (to those first-time airsofters, I’ll tell you what AEG means later), goes to an airsoft shop already determined and has chosen his AEG model and brand, asks the attendant, “what is its FPS?” For a moment there you’d think, what is wrong with asking that question? Well, are you asking for its unit or are you asking for the initial velocity of the AEG? Ummmhhmm! But, don’t you worry ’cause the attendant will surely answer that question. “It’s between 350 to 380 FPS, sir.” See, they always answer you. I don’t know if other countries make the same mistake…ummm… well, it’s not really a mistake but just a slight mix-up of the terms. Even if you ask other airsofters the same question, they will surely answer you. Sometimes, players would not ask for the FPS but, “What is its chrono?” Oh, you mean the reading in the chronograph!? Right. But hey, it’s a shortcut. I’m even worst. The first time I played with seasoned airsofters, they asked for my AEG to have it “chronoed.” I said, “Yeah, of course. Let’s do this.” I had no idea what the hell he meant by chrono. When I saw that they were inserting the tip of my barrel (they call it flash hyder, I have always referred to it as muzzle, whatever) into what seemed to be a box with numbers on it, I told myself, “Oh, that’s chrono.” Pathetic, but forgivable for a first-timer.

Another would be after a game. It is always very fulfilling to talk with other airsofters after the game just to feel like you belong or silently excite yourself by thinking, “this is it. I’m an airsofter.. I’m an airsofter.. I’M AN AIRSOFTER,” or you can learn more about the game from the veterans. Then, you begin to notice how great the other players’ upgraded AEGs are and start feeling sorry for your stock AEG. After that, another term that will linger for quite a while in your ear. “You have to upgrade your FPS and ROF, man,” and they say ROF like it’s one word. “Rof… rof… rof.” What in the seven circles of the abyss is a rof? I don’t see any roof on my gun. R-O-F, Rate-of-fire my young lads. Then, you begin to inquire. How am I suppose to do that, upgrading my FPS and ROF” For starters, you have to change your spring from stock to PDI 190, replace the spring guide with the one with bearings, your stock plastic bushings should be replaced with the metal ones. That’s for your FPS. As for your ROF, you have to purchase a new set of battery preferably, the Lipoly, which gives you 11.1V of power, but you also have to buy the balance charger that will be attached to the coverter charger ’cause without it, charging your lipoly will not be complete that will eventually lead to the destruction of your battery or if not, you could always use a NiCad with higher voltage… SAY WHAT? Am I supposed to catch this in one day? So many terms… so many parts.

After a few weeks of playing, terms begin to sink in and all you can think of now is playing. The first couple of months is really the “getting to know part” of the whole deal. As I said earlier, all you think about is getting to that weekend and start shooting at people but, which gamesite? “Dude, where are we gonna play tomorrow?” At Mike’s gamesite… It’s a CQB! A CQ…what?! Then you find out the next day that you’re playing in a smaller gamesite. Right, it’s a close battle (you neglect the letter in the middle). So you start to believe that every time you play in a small gamesite, it’s a CQB. “It’s raining hard, man. We can’t play at the Orchard, might as well play CQB at Camp Lauriel.” But the roofed area of Camp Lauriel is only 50 square meters. How can thrity of us fit in that area? “No, we’ll play CQB on the game field.” What?! A minor mistake you might say, but this would a lot embarassing if you tell this to real armed personnel. I told you it was a “close battle.”

Several weeks have passed and you know you’re seasoned enough to compete with the veterans in terms of AEG upgrades (Oh, AEG means Airsoft Electric Gun), battle strategies, and of course, airsoft terms. Nothing is changed, nothing has been corrected. You still use the same terms you are used to hearing and saying, and you spread those terms to the younger airsofters – of course, by then you’d probably already know what CQB means. Terms are terms… Once you get used to a term, you’ll always use them on yourself and to others even if you know the real or true term. It is not a mistake nor is it a habbit but, it’s just how we react and interact with such words or phrases may it be asking for FPS is really asking for Velocity, or Rof is really R.O.F. even the word A.S.A.P. is uttered in one word. I don’t see anything wrong with rerouting ourselves from the norms. They are just terms anyway. Who knows? They could be TERMINOLOGIES.

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  1. Airsoft is one the coolest sport ever my friend and I play almost every other weekend.

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