Inhibitions 1: Getting Started – Airsoft terms? Or Simply Phrases We’re Used to Saying.

Ever since we started playing airsoft, we always encounter phrases, uttered by most airsofters, that we often regard to as “airsoft terms,” if there is such a thing – phrases that only those who play the sport understand. A very simple example of this is: for a first time airsofter, who is about to purchase his first AEG (to those first-time airsofters, I’ll tell you what AEG means later), goes to an airsoft shop already determined and has chosen his AEG model and brand, asks the attendant, “what is its FPS?” For a moment there you’d think, what is wrong with asking that question? Well, are you asking for its unit or are you asking for the initial velocity of the AEG? Ummmhhmm! But, don’t you worry ’cause the attendant will surely answer that question. “It’s between 350 to 380 FPS, sir.” See, they always answer you. I don’t know if other countries make the same mistake…ummm… well, it’s not really a mistake but just a slight mix-up of the terms. Even if you ask other airsofters the same question, they will surely answer you. Sometimes, players would not ask for the FPS but, “What is its chrono?” Oh, you mean the reading in the chronograph!? Right. But hey, it’s a shortcut. I’m even worst. The first time I played with seasoned airsofters, they asked for my AEG to have it “chronoed.” I said, “Yeah, of course. Let’s do this.” I had no idea what the hell he meant by chrono. When I saw that they were inserting the tip of my barrel (they call it flash hyder, I have always referred to it as muzzle, whatever) into what seemed to be a box with numbers on it, I told myself, “Oh, that’s chrono.” Pathetic, but forgivable for a first-timer. Continue reading